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Fujicascope sh30 Low optical sound

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  • Fujicascope sh30 Low optical sound

    Hello all. I have a Fujicascope SH30, the magnetic sound output is wow but the optical audio is really low amplitude you can hardly hear it. The same film plays perfectly audio wise on my GS1200. I have cleaned the optical path...any thoughts please. Stay safe

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    Mark, could it be the photo cell,since magnetic ok.( so not the amp) Or exciter lamp.


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      Mark ,any developments on this? Would be interesting to know.


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        I asked as I did sell the projector and the buyer insisted that the optical sound had gone/was low. I offered a £175 partial refund (his request) and now Im thinking that it was probably something simple like the photo sensor and that I have been possibly ripped off? Damn, I should have fully refunded and got the projector back, a brilliant item of kit.


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          When I was a lad I had a projector that had low optical sound which I didn't understand. A helpful old guy said your exciter lamp is not fitted correctly. He turned out to be right.
          Fleabay as I call it is so full of pitfalls Mark.