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    Osram vs. Phillips replacement lamps..Any suggestions?

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    These lamps are built to a spec, which means they basically perform consistently among each other. Yes, there will be differences in color temperature and brightness and service life, but between different brands, as long as they really do meet that spec, the differences among them will not be astounding.

    Based on the recommendations of people on this forum, I've tended towards Osram. I don't think if you went Philips you'd regret it very much either.

    You need to be a little careful where you buy these. For many people a projection lamp is exotic. Years and years ago mine were $25 a pop at a photo shop with a week for delivery. Somebody on Amazon is selling "Replacement for Eumig Mark S710d" for more than 50 bucks! (-at least they are trying to!) shipping!

    I buy Osram EFPs at Replacement Light Bulbs for $5.84

    I buy 3 at a time: stash 'em behind the bric-a-brac in the china closet!


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      it shouldn't matter, as long as you order the right one. i have had really cheap ones without a brand on them which also worked fine, and i had osram and philips. all worked fine with good color temperature. the only one i destroid new was an osram where i pulled one of the legs right out of the lamp. it was a production error and got a new one for free. if you just google them you will never have to buy 50 dollars per lamp. thats still a ridiculous amount. we use those lamps at my job for microscope lamps so we use a lot of them (yes there are led alternatives but not all are replaced).