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  • Screen masking project


    Under $25.00 @ Walmart

    1 package 2 panels curtain material lightweight $14.00

    2 lightweight curtain rods w/mounting hardware $3.00 each

    It is very important to have lightweight curtain material especially if your speakers are behind an authentic theater screen which has many holes for sound penetration. Also, for the lower cost to save some money. Heavier duty black out panels can certainly work but would be more money and could muffle the sound.

    Curtain panels are 2 in one pack size 30 x 84

    Mount the brackets to your screen frame. Wood screws are included.

    Prepare the screen by running white light at each of your settings and make a stop mark on the (screen) frame. These points are where you stop closing the curtains based on the ratio you are selecting. Make this mark very tiny so as not to be seen from the seating. You want to see it only when you are close to the screen handling the curtains.

    Thread the curtains through the rod loop as sewn within the material.

    You can insert a small weight piece of wood into the bottom rod loop down at the floor as a counterweight. This will help keep the edge of the curtain straight once you have it aligned to the stop mark. You will also need to take a step back and check the curtains to make sure they are straight from top to bottom, and adjust until they look right.

    These pictures show the result.

    And when picture is on the screen you will be amazed at how brilliant the image looks. And as the masking hides the blurred edges of the picture for a sharper looking frame, the rest is magic!

    For many years I’ve run with a wide-open screen and no adjustable masking. This project was low cost, very minimal labor with positively superior results. The ONLY thing that took time for me to get used to was when closed to small flat 4 x 3. At first, it looked pathetically disgusting. But after awhile maybe a week or so I got used to it and now it’s fine.

    If you have come this far thanks for staying with me.

    Kind regards to all

    Chip Gelmini

    A message for Steve Osborne: Go ahead and grab from here if you would like to print in your magazine!

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      The last 2 photos show the mounted bracket next I point to one of the stop marks.


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        Hi Chip!
        This looks very good and give your screening Room more cinematic Athmosphere. I have done the same many Years ago. It is working by an electrical Motor full automatically.


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          Super cool Chip!! You've got all options covered. You are all set.