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  • Neumade rewinder

    Got it with projector, noticed reels wouldn't slide onto the key. Key is .060", reel slots are .030".
    Anybody know what reels it's for?

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    35mm reels

    look up nuemade adapters you can get them for super 8

    they fit on 35mm 5/16 shafts which is what you have there secured by allen wrench they are made 16mm square but will definitely work


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      assuming that is a 35 mm set is what you will have to do to use with the brass adapter is slide it loose onto the shaft all the way in then close the pin that holds the reels on.

      next reposition the brass adapter out at the end so it just touches the closed pin

      finally secure the allen nut to tighten the adapter to the shaft.

      You will probably end up putting regular eight film dual 8 reels using the half inch diameter shaft as a super 8 size

      then when your film is rewound simply add the snap in plastic adapter that down converts the super 8 to standard 8 spindles.

      a few extra steps but will solve the problem

      brass adapters from Steve Osborne or Larry Urbanski under $100 per set.


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        Thanx, Chip.
        Is there an inexpensive adapter to use it with regular 8MM reels?
        I'll be done with soon's I view and edit the 4 reels I have.
        This isn't what I need is it?
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          Not that I am aware


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            Key looks to be made with pin on bottom pressed into hole in shaft. Thinking on supporting shaft and pin punching it out and machining the key thinner to fit the 8MM reels.
            Any thoughts?


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              That's probably regular/double8 reel on 35mm rewind. Couldn't be anything else.

              Here's my crude (but works, sort of) solution.
              - Pushing the reel against the key as far as it will go. Align the keyway to the slot in the reel.
              - Use a black paper binder clip on the opposite side to "hold" the reel in place. A small ones will do.

              Obviously not perfect, since the clip might pop loose and the reel will freewheel quite easily. But for a one-time job that should be more than enough.

              A few pictures should speak much better than this explanation. I may take a few pics of my setup when I' home tonight. (8 more hours, don't forget that I'm at GMT+7 time zone.)

              PS that plastic adaptor is intended for using Super8 reel (1/2" bore) on Double8 shaft (5/16") - surelly NOT what you're looking for.


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                As a kid I made some adapters for Super 8 to fit on Dads 16mm rewind arms using 2 big tap washers glued together, cut the end of a nail off and pushed that into the rubber washer. Total outlay probably about three pence in old 1970 money. Super 8 had only been around about five years oo!


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                  Thanx, men.
                  Now thinking of making adapter of 5/16' ID tubing slotted on one side to slide over key, slotted on opposite side/end to JB Weld a key into to fit the 8MM reels


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                    OK here's what I've talked abut. A not-so-elegant solution, but it works (most of the time).

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20201029_213422.jpg
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20201029_213450.jpg
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                    Since I already have a Dual8 viewer which surely can be used as a rewinder, I then have zero motivation to "improve" this - at all.


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                      Here's mine.