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  • Bolex M8 Projector Question

    I recently inherited a 1956 (judging from the serial number) Bolex M8 8mm movie projector that appears to be in good working order. I know it was usable about 15 years ago--the last time I remember actually watching home movies with it. I plugged it in this morning and it ran fine except the upper and lower sprockets did not turn. I don't remember if they are supposed to be motor driven in conjunction with the rear spindle or free turning with the film. I tried moving them and neither of them would turn in either direction. Should they turn? I hesitate to try loading and running a film with the projector if the sprockets are not going to turn--I assume that would damage the film. If they are supposed to turn with the motor/rear spindle, how would I go about fixing them? I have no idea if there's anyone near me that would/could work on something like this. Any help would be appreciated--I would like to go through a large box of home movies to see whether or not they have survived the years of being in a non-insulated attic in Ohio...

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    They should turn. The motor drive belt likely needs replacing.


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      If it is the belts, tucked away in the forum's archives is a post which may be helpfull.
      A quick way to locate[this was 8 years ago]

      Search bolex m8 8mm forum then look for Bolex M8 BELTS?


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        I'll look that up. If it's the belts not turning them with the motor, should they at least turn by hand? These won't turn at all...well about 1/16 inch either way if that. Are they geared?