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Sankyo 2000H projector Transport Issues

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  • Sankyo 2000H projector Transport Issues

    Hey folks..
    Just acquired a Sankyo 2000H projector, and I have 2 problems that I hope someone here will have a solution to:
    1.The takeup reel (Back Reel) is not spinning consistently
    2. When Rewinding through Projector, I need to assist the rewind operation
    3. The Rewind Wheel Spins freely once the film is through the projector

    As a note, I have replaced the main Drive belt for the projector, and things seem to be operating smoothly in that sense..

    Here is a video Documenting my issues..


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    Brent, if you click on FORUM ARCHIVE above, and type the model number in to the "search" box on that page, you'll find a ton of info on that model from posts on the old 8mm Forum


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      I think I know what may be your issue. I have the same model. Perhaps someone could shed some light on this.

      On my 2000H, if the 400 ft take up reel is not mounted on the spindle - the spindle does not turn. When the 400' reel is mounted - it does. That is strange. So I played around with it. When the reel is off and the spindle is not turning - i press down on the take up spindle lightly - as if the reel is is mounted - and it begins turning.

      I took off the back of the projector and notice that if I push the spindle assembly up slightly from the back - just slight pressure on it from the rear - causing the part where you mount the reel to dip ever so slightly - it turns. The more you press up the faster it goes.

      Now on your video I notice you don't have a 400' reel and it could be that the it's not heavy enough to engage the spindle and make it run. Note how as soon as some film begins to gather on the makeup reel - the added weight pulls down on the spindle - and it takes off!

      Mine works just fins as long as the 400 foot reel is mounted but I find this behavior odd. Is it supposed to work this way? Is it an adjustment? I would like to know.


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        Like most sprocketless projector, the adjustment of it take up spindle is SUPER CRITICAL.

        Unless properly tuned (and I mean it!) you'll have either too aggressive take up or poor/no take up at all, much like this case.

        The lubrication/or the lack of it can also cause this headache as well.

        Btw no through-the-gate rewinding, please. Just route the film direct from takeup to supply, always.


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          The sankyo's use a weird system for take up force. most brands use just a slipper clucth which can be adjusted with a spring. and indeed the take up pulling force is very critical (only 20 grams on a eumig). but tha sankyo has indeed some sort of built in play in the axle and when force is aplied it tilts against a wheel slighlty and starts to turn. the axle has ball bearring without a cage so if you disassemble it be very carefull of those balls dropping out (had that myself last week). might be old grease in those bearrings and disassembly and cleaning is the only way to get it back working. altough the dualux projectors are very good machines this particular piece seems to me way more complex then it needs to be.


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            Thanks for confirming that! Also, I noticed that if you have the back off and if you apply some upward pressure to that assembly the take up wheel takes off! If you could lodge perhaps something between that assembly and the peg that takes the screw that holds the back on - maybe that would keep it working better unless of course the ball bearings are all gooped up.


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              trying to get the original system working again is always better then jamming stuff in between the housing and moving parts


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                Originally posted by Erik Snel View Post
                trying to get the original system working again is always better then jamming stuff in between the housing and moving parts
                Agreed - always the better answer. Looking at the open back of the Sankyo it is quite intimidating not knowing how to best get to spindles etc. Can you recommend any 'how to' materials or videos regarding the 2000H? I'm pretty sure I could get it apart but getting it back together that is another story. Thanks.


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                  Oh, I now remember that.
                  Not the exact detail, but the Sankyo's takeup assembly seems to be more or less the same as my Fujicascope one - overly complicated design assembly. I'm talking about a DOZEN of ball bearings no larger than 1 millimeter!

                  Been there, done that, a real NIGHTMARE to service.

                  Give yourself at least about half a day free time, and carpeted floor workspace (better try NOT to drop it in the first place ).


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                    i unfortunately did not make a video about this. but i am sure i will encounter this problem again in the future and try to remember to make a how to


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                      Thanks for the replies everyone.. I was unlucky enough to dump all the ball bearings out.. and after spending a few hours.. decided to remove the bulb and the belt and bring it out to the road ... now I am on the search for a bulletproof projector that is 8mm/super8mm compatible, speed control and easy to maintain.. is there one you folks might recommend?


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                        Elmo ST-180 or ST-600. These are bulletproof, easy to change the belts, and have cheap bulbs.


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                          The only problem with those Elmos is that they don't have variable speed for silent projection. That's the main draw for the Sankyo 1000 and 2000H - it's a dual 8 projector with nice features related to silent projection.