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Std 8 sound projector with a lamp brighter than 100w - does one exist?

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  • Std 8 sound projector with a lamp brighter than 100w - does one exist?

    Having read about the Elmo SP Hi-deluxe projector, which has a 150w lamp, I thought it was unfortunate that (unless I'm mistaken) they never made a comparable projector suitable for Std 8 films with stripe sound. I'm familiar with the Eumig Std/dual gauge projectors with 100w lamps, but I wondered if anyone made a Std 8 sound projector with a 150 watt lamp? I recall there were one or two (non-Eumig) relatively modern dual guage sound projectors that only had Super 8 sound separation, so I think the assumption was that owners would only have silent home movies on Std 8.

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    Description says super 8 but manufactured in 1963 so must be standard 8 (I cannot enlarge the picture on my phone to check, sorry) :


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      Dominique is correct.
      Silma SONIK 8 - very rare Standard 8mm magnetic sound Projector - YouTube



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        Um. Yes I've produced a grand total of 5 Eumig 810D HID projectors and all are out there being used and are brighter than anything for std 8 I have used before.

        Lamp technology has taken a leap and in my 2 blade shutter Eumig with hid I do feel Std 8 has never looked so crisp.

        Had one shortcoming with audio interference from the power unit aka ballast but reduced that to zero now employing knowledge from my amateur radio years. Cough cough.


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          Many thanks for the responses.

          Dominique/Maurice thanks for the information/video on the Silma. I'd never seen this before, so it was a pleasure to see this innovative example of 1960s technology. I don't suppose the lamp is likely to rival a modern 150w lamp, but I expect it's still sought-after projector.

          Lee - FIVE Eumigs is an impressive number, is this a service you offer to collectors? Is there something about the 810D that makes it a particularly good option for HID conversion?


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            Hi Adrian, I'm using the HID Eumig 810 for standard 8mm and can confirm that it is Bright. Very Bright. It's like having a little nuclear reactor on the projector stand, only not quite so warm. Seriously though, amazing, sharp picture from the tiny standard 8mm frame.

            Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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              That's fantastic! I would like that....


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                Do you sell standard 8 HID Eumig 810 projectors, Lee ?


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                  Hi Lee, firstly ,all the best to you and Val for Christmas and hopefully a much better New Year! Reference your comment on interference from hid ballast , what probs did you have , and how did you overcome them? Another St8 sound projector with a 150watt lamp was infamous Toei, great little machine and getting quite scarce now.


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                    Hi Dom Yes. After doing one of my Eumig machines during the Coronavirus illness I decided to keep my brain well occupied which is how it all started. Then people who knew me started making contact asking if I would make them one so eventually did a total of five using the later Eumig models which are of course a bit bigger and mine were virtually as new machines. All seem to be functioning and I have been using mine virtually every day during the Christmas run up. The final build was recently collected and that's wrapped up orders for this year.
                    I don't want to use this loved forum as a advertising base but its kinda looking as if will be doing more during the new year as well. Someone has requested a Bolex S8 which of course has a 2 pin claw for the one gauge.

                    The great thing about it is that the humble Eumig is light weight, plenty available for spare parts, reasonably easy to maintain and the dual model will project Standard 8 and Super in one box of tricks. Every one that left my arms was PAT tested for safety as well so you can happily take it outside your home to use in a Church hall for instance.

                    Did my own Elmo GS1200 which was fun and sits next to the HID Eumig nicely, but the Elmo with all its mass of electronics can be a bag of spanners as much as I love that machine.

                    My own Eumig conversion is probably the first Dual gauge sound projector to get the HID treatment and believe me Std 8 looks amazing projected on it and does S8 all in one machine. It has the Bolex f1.2 lens in but I also use the Eumig 1.1 as well for a longer throw.