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Rear Window & Vertigo- Super 8

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  • Rear Window & Vertigo- Super 8

    I see that several Hitchcock films are available through Steve Osbourne's Reel Image site. Can anyone give me pricing information on these prints? I would love any information available. I did notice that Steve had a notice that these were only available to Reel Image subscribers. Any help anyone can give me on these, I would appreciate.


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    Hi Jack
    I guess the best way would be to contact Steve direct , you'll get all the information you need there, he's a great guy to deal with. To purchase films old and new will need a subscription plus you get a great magazine and film lists,,Mark.


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      Does he still send out an actual film list? I am a subscriber and long time friend, but I think I got one used film list, early on and I kind of got the impression that these were being phased out.


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        Dear Jack, I have been long time interested in getting a print of THE REAR WINDOW, I love the film story, art and cinematography. I wrote Steve a few days ago and asked what is the average price for one of his new prints. I quote "The average 2 hour feature is around $1,175."


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          He still sends out lists with a sub to the magazine. If you don't buy anything after a while I don't think he sends out the list anymore.