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Unusual double gauge spool.

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  • Unusual double gauge spool.

    While respooling a feature on a large spool, I came across this unusual small one. I put the standard/regular adaptor off to use the spool on a super 8 rewinder and surprise, the adaptor is only half lenghted. Actually, there is standard/regular core on one side and a super 8 core on the other side. That's the first time I see that and that's the only of the four spools to have this system.

    Click image for larger version

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    How odd! But surely it doesn't fit on most Super 8 projectors? There must be exceptions, but if you're using (e.g.) an Elmo, doesn't the Std 8 side prevent it from going fully on?


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      It indeed does, Adrian, so I see no avantage in this hybrid spool. Maybe it was designed for a specific projector but even so, if you can use it only on your own equipment, the interest is limited. At least, it's a curiousity and it shows that this hobby can still surprise us after all those years