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Removing gripnuts

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  • Removing gripnuts

    I want to remove the speakers in in one of my GS1200's and they are held onto the back cover with ' grip nuts', which are a thin curved metal plate with a central hole, that pushes onto a metal post. The concave curve seems to indicate that they are clearly designed to push on and never be pulled off. Is there a special tool to get these things off?

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    I kind of pry the little tabs out and try to ease the things off. The questions remain, will they snap now and will they grip again later on.

    Things can be designed to be built now, and yet never to be serviced later! (I seem to recall tales of a Chevrolet Monza with the optional V8 than required use of an engine hoist to gain access to one of the rear sparkplugs! -Ouch!)


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      Here is a 3 minute video on "Push Nut Removal":


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        Thank's for that video Ed. But what a totally useless concept. Obviously the idea of a bean counter who saw a way to save a few cents on a nut and bolt, and also make the job of replacing the part as difficult as possible. Unfortunately, Eumig's have a lot of these miserable parts in their 900 series machines.