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Bell and Howell Super 8mm 626R on Ebay

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  • Bell and Howell Super 8mm 626R on Ebay

    Anyone have experience with/info on this model? Playback only, which is all I need. I need to find out what lamp it takes and the wattage, before bidding.

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    I think the bulb is DJL 150 watt.....that is an expensive bulb. I have a similar model that I don't use too much as these have a reputation for scratching (I think in the soundhead area) Also never liked the clear plastic that envelopes the can't clean the film path to good although the lens does pivot out to the side so you can keep the gate area spick and span!


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      Is scratching a result of poor cleaning, or a design flaw? Any BH models you would recommend over this, or do you have another favorite? An Elmo one of these days for me, but in the meantime something not quite as expensive. Thanks!


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        I think it may be a design flaw but I am only going by what I have heard. The unit I have I used a long time ago and I don't remember it scratching the films. I should pull it out and give it a test and report back. As far as Bell & Howell super 8 sound projectors this is the only one I have so maybe someone else could chime in with a good candidate for you. My main super 8 machines are ELMO.