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  • Std 8 sound

    Hello, I'm looking for advice or someone who can re record a sound track on a std 8 feature of Blockheads. Please help!!

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    Hi Graham Tricky one.

    As a kid in the early 1970 I wanted to re record a std 8 film. My first idea was to get the sound track onto cassette tape at slightly faster speed then put my finger on the feed tape spindle to slow the tape to fit the film when needed. It worked and was reported in Film Making magazine.
    A few months later I perfected it by fitting a variable controller electronically to the cassette motor and recorded a few films this way which worked. Not bad for a young teenager.

    Come forward a few years then I got a Fostex cassette multi track recorder which was superb for the job plugged into a eumig projector.
    Not much help to you but may give a few ideas in effecting a transfer system.


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      Where did you find a Std 8 on Blockheads?