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Baskon Automatic 500 STANDARD 8mm / Question

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  • Baskon Automatic 500 STANDARD 8mm / Question

    Today my dad dropped off his fathers old home movies and standard 8mm projector:
    Baskon Automatic 500

    I could not figure out how to get the film properly threaded. I'm not sure if I am supposed to make a loop?
    without a loop it was pulling the film from the reel, but it would not stay on the take up reel.
    I'll be honest I am so new to this I don't even know how to properly attach the film to one of these metal take up reels.

    at first the take up reel would not spin. I removed it and lubricated and it was then able to spin freely just like the rewind.
    However, if you see where I pointed the comb in the photo. sometimes neither forward or rewind will spin unless i remove the cover and tap this belt.

    has anyone ever seen this projector?
    I'm sad because I saw about 20 seconds of my dads childhood Walt Disney World Vacation and it looked great, but the film was just falling on to the floor so I ended it.
    thank you
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    Most likely you need a new belt or belts .


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      David Baker thank you.


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        The manual is available with a $10 Buy It Now on eBay. Actually, the photos for the auction should give you a clue as to the proper threading.


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          Strange how projector manuals always have "walked away" from the projector's storage. It's important to have the instructions as they often contain details which you may not have realised when first looking at a "new" projector.



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            Douglas Meltzer thank you I was able to grab those images off eBay.
            Maurice Leakey yes the 3 different projectors I have come across in my travels, all missing manuals.