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GS1200 headphone jack

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  • GS1200 headphone jack

    A reminder of how plastic parts become brittle with age. The headphone jack on my GS1200 totally shattered today when I inserted the headphone plug! Based on this experience I would advise G1200 owners not to use the 1/4 ins stereo headphone socket and instead use the two 3.5mm mono sockets on either side of it, and use a 2- mono to stereo combining cable.

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    Hi Paul,

    It sounds like something that should be replaceable. Do you think so?


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      Probably so Steve, but its a bear of a job, being buried between the two sandwich boards of the amplifier module, So you have to disassemble the amplifier module and separate the board to get at it. I had to go in there today though, to assess the damage and danger to the nearby electronics. A 3 hour job . Glad that I did, one of the metal contact plates was just dangling around loose in there, waiting for the opportunity to short something out! I unsoldered it and taped off the loose wire for now, until I can find a replacement jack. I consider myself lucky that it did not cause massive damage to the electronics.


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        It's a old story: A couple of hours to gain access and reassemble for 15 minutes' work!