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  • Picolo XANADU?

    I read in one of the reviews for this film, that there was a Picolo Films digest of this, I only knew of the Universal 8 digest. Is the edit of the Picolo Digest different and, if so, could someone who owns it, please put up a review?

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    Reel 1: The piccolo digest starts with the complete Universal intro followed by some titles incl. Sonny in his studio tearing the painting; „I‘m alive“ slightly abridged; Kira kisses Sonny in the park; Kira appears in the studio; they arrive before the dance hall; Danny & Sonny arrive inside the dance hall followed by the (I think) completed „Dancin‘“ number.
    Reel 2: Kira visits Danny and Sonny at the building site and they decide to go shopping; they arrive at the shop followed by the „All Over The World“ song. Some romantic moments between Kira & Sonny dancing for a couple of seconds while Danny is on the phone telling someone that they open tomorrow. The Xanadu opening number (slightly cut) followed by the complete „Xanadu“-song; incl. the tap dance and the Rock-part (Olivias Country part is missing); the final part of „Xanadu“ and Kira disappears. Sonny is sad, Danny orders a drink for him: Kiras re-appearance as waiter. The End


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      I‘ve seen pictures showing different scenes in the U8-print (Danny at the beach, Kira meets Danny in the past) but I‘ve never owned it to confirm that.


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        That's very interesting! If it has the two meeting in the past, it might have the dance number with Gene Kelly! That would be great! I always felt that THAT scene was one of the best!