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  • Elmo GS1200 Hum

    I have an anoying "Hum" on the track 2 volume that has developed on one of my GS1200's. It is there with the motor, fan & lamp off.

    The Hum sounds the same If i turn the volume for track one up to 10, but this same level of Hum is now audiable at volume level 2 on track 2.

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    Hi Mark,

    Is it something like a "buzzing" or a "single shot" at power up ?

    If the noise level stay the same from 0 to 10 , I suggest you to investigate around Power Amp section (Not Pre Amp) and probably around some capacitors.


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      Thanks Phil, no it's not a buzzing or single shot at power up.

      If you turn the volume all the way up on a normal GS 1200 with no faults, there is a background Humming sound through the speakers at maximum volume. The same is true with my record player amplifier at max volume, it's the same sound.

      What I am getting is this same same noise comming through quite loudly at very low volume levels only on track 2.


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        Hi Mark,

        Is this hum at the same frequency as normal projector hum or does it sound higher in pitch?

        Can you still get sound tracks through track 2?


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          Mark, have you tried adjusting the position of the hum bucking coil? There is one for each track, located below the bottom sprocket. Switch your machine to playback, turn the volume up with no film running, and try slightly repositioning the track 2 coil.
          Also try working all the switches a few times, particularly the MAG/OPT and MONO/STEREO switches.


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            Agree with Paul. Try to reposition the hum cancellation coils on the cancellation board. It’s a bit trial and error but I managed to get to a situation where I have virtually no hum at all.