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Abbott & Costello meet the Creature from the Black Lagoon

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  • Abbott & Costello meet the Creature from the Black Lagoon

    I came across this on eBay.

    Thought initially don’t remember this movie. It is from their television show which was used to promote release of Creature from Black Lagoon with appearance by the Creature.

    Obviously, released by Reel Images and is tele come recording. Interesting but a really silly 🙃 price.

    Link to auction

    Link to You Tube of tv show. creature appears at 12 minutes with poor Glenn Strange as Frankenstein also present.

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    Only Costello actually "meets" the creature in this skit, but both Abbott & Costello do meet Frankenstein again. I really don't think that Glenn Strange played Frankenstein's monster in it, it was most likely just some stuntman.


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      Hi Joe

      Looks like just Lou in you tube extract. Wonder is 8mm extract longer and he meets Bud as well. I would say it would be a stuntman but they list Glenn Strange.



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        Had it on 16mm for many years a nice thing to have but was very low fi quality. Better quality in this case for once is on the Blu-Ray probably taken from the 1954 negative.