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How do you connect your Elmo ST-1200 HD to Stereo Amplifier?

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    Are we talking about an Elmo ST-1200 HD 2-Track? If so, the instructions are as follows:-

    "To reproduce sound through a stereo set connect the green monitor jacks with input jacks on a stereo amplifier. Track 1 is left channel, Jack 2 is right channel."

    These green jacks are at the top of the rear left side panel marked MONI 1 2.



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      This is the plug I use to gain 2 channel mono from a single channel, as mentioned in my previous post. It goes into the projector, either aux or headphone. Note that the male end is a MONO pin. As the amp has a front 3.5mm input socket I use that and have a long lead (3.5mm at each end, stereo) to connect the projector to the amp. Many adapters are available for RCA phono and 3.5mm combinatons and use similar bodies, but you should check as I said with the seller to make sure it converts one channel in to two. Most adapters do not do that, but instead convert a stereo RCA phono into a 3.5mm stereo plug, which would be wrong for achieving 2 channel mono.
      If you want stereo sound, from a stereo print, then you have no choice but to use the very low level green sockets as Maurice describes above.


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        Well Steve and Ken, you've more than convinced me so I'll make that another project to get on with as soon as possible 🙂


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          Thank you Maurice and martin for the links, information in pictures. That all help. I am going to go to BestBuy tonight and see if they have those plugs and report back in a couple of days.

          Ali, you better get started on that new projector for your sound When I had a GS-1200 it is so worth have the best sound possible!!



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            Hi Ken, rest assured that it is now established on my 'to do' list! 🙂