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Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection - Video - Fixing

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  • Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection - Video - Fixing

    Hello there.
    First post on this forum.

    I did a part 1 video of when I try to fix my Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection.
    Any of you folks have one of this?

    If anyone like to have a look here is the link to it.

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    Hi there, nice video. if i may suggest you get a manual first and get to know all the functions of the buttons. first of all, the film selector should be set to 8mm, as your film there is regular 8, not super 8. also your slowmotion selector is all the way down to 3fps, turn it upward to 18 fps. it will run a bit more silent then to. it is making a ticking noise now which indicates a badly set or tinkered with slow motion system. the rec position on the main selector means you can hook up a cassetterecorder to the projector with a cable and it can start the recorder remote. the projector cannot record anything itself. also a shame it has been kept so badly over the years it is in a very rough condition.

    as for the lamp, i see the lampfitting already hasbeen replaced at one time because of the terminal connector close to the very hot lamp. that is not ideal. you can try to clean the lamp contacts, just scrape them clean with a hobbyknife. chances are the lamp will come on.

    also i see the little grille that is screwed on the lamphouse cover is upside down so someone has been assembling it wrong


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      Hello, ty for comment.

      I love going in blind, I do know a bit of the stuff I am doing. BUT this projector is a bit special to me.
      Over all, I mean there seems to be nothing rotating at all that can hock up the film, what I can see. Just the fan spinning and the reel can spin.

      I have got some tips and I will sure look up more, maybe did wrong with the super 8 and normal. I know the different, did not think about I guess.

      Did not know about the slowmotion, there is one selector that is stuck, must be the one you talk about. I do wonder if I can force it more then I have done without it breaking...

      The I did save if from a chicken house shit and feathers all over the place. This and 5 other projectors and movierecorded I did save. Will make other videos with them , one at a time.

      Oh , that about that lamp house cover is on upside down was very interesting, I though so indeed this had been tinkered with, I saw the cables looked newer then the machine, did guess the lamp was newer. But yee the lamp cover might be what cause the problem. I look into it.

      I hope I get part 2 up tomorrow , late. I see, or on Monday. I will try put in a new lamp and some other stuff, hope to get it working a bit.


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        I had one of these back in 2019 but sold it to someone in the hobby. I made this quick video, back then, to show him how to properly feed the film into the machine. Maybe it is of some help to you.


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          I Shane, nice to see the video. I do understand how it is meant to go, just nothing is taking hold of the film, like Erik said and another that comment on youtube, that I need to change to normal 8 as it was on super 8, did not think about that, still think it should try and grab the film.
          Thing is , not a single hint of anything trying to grab the film. But I will in a sec go and record for part 2 , so we see about that.

          Funny that in the start of part 1 it did not wanna start. Idk what I did to make it suddenly start running.
          So we see what going to happen, ty for the video again.


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            Sonny, when I briefly owned this machine, I also remember a few times when it would not turn on. I do recall toggling the dial back and forth until the motor and feed mechanism turned on. I'm not sure if maybe something inside the switch or projector oxidizes over time, and does not permit a good connection to turn it on? Or if something becomes loose over time? Once it kicked on and run quite well. I decided to sell it because I really had no use for it. I much prefer a traditional projector for watching home movies, etc.


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              As i said in the yt comments, try to rotate the right knob for slowmotion, you cannot slide it.


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                Shit I was confused as hell about the "lamphouse cover" Now I see what you mean Erik.
                When watching Shane´s video .
                I´m talking about the grill thing in part 2 but did not figure it out xD I will fix that in part 3 then, because there is still some problems.
                I did get the film to go thru the machine all good, but still what is not working now is the lamp. Maybe bad connection somewhere along the way to the lamp.

                So problem still that need fixing or I wondering about:
                Lamp not working
                Rewind speed, can I change that?

                Here is part 2:


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                  try to scratch the lamp contacts clean or slightly wiggle the lampcontact when turned on. it may be that your lamp does turn on then. otherwise it may need a new one


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                    I did change it to another one , that have lower Watt, but that will work just be lower light so need to get a better one, if I now get it to work first.


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                      There might be another fault and that is unfortunately a much bigger job. there is a microswitch deep down into the projector that turns on the lamp. a few weeks ago i had an R2000 with that switch broken. I replaced it with one from a donor Bolex 18-3 duo (mechanically the same projector). but you need to almost completely disassemble the projector to get to the switches.

                      I have disassembled many R2000's and reassembled them and i can tell you that it is possible but you need to be very carefull. and when you dive in and decide to disassemble, there is one screw hidden behind the black plastic front plate so you need to remove it very very carefully because it will break into pieces if you don't.


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                        That last bit sounds like one of the definitions of Murphy's Law we had at work. "After removing 2o screws from the front of a plate you will find it is one screw at the back that holds it in place."


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                          Yes very true indeed, i never put that screw back in, it is strong enough without it (and make a note inside if i ever see the projector again)


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                            Hi there is have been busy and made a manual for working on an R2000, if you want i will send it to you it's too large toupload here


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                              Oh darn it, hope it is not a switch problem. I will try and screw some smaller parts apart first. Ty for helping out.

                              Lol sometimes that happens, you disassembled some machine and put it all together very careful and that screw goes there and there and yee.. oh where do this last screw go? xD