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ARGUS S 500 Showmaster Projector questions

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  • ARGUS S 500 Showmaster Projector questions

    Just purchased a vintage Argus Showmaster S500 8mm projector. I am attempting to take the back cover off. There are two screws on the bottom and it should lift off but it seems stuck along the top edge.

    Any ideas on how to get the back off without damaging anything? The projector runs fine - has a small squeak on reverse and I wanted to look in on the backside to see if something needs cleaning / lubrication.

    thanks for suggestions!

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    Never mind on that question. The top latch was preventing the cover from coming off I pushed it around - took the latch out of the bind it was in and the latch spring works like it should now and the back comes off.

    Another question - the pulleys with the spring belt were dirty and I cleaned them with rubbing alcohol as well as the belt. Unit runs pretty quiet.

    However, I noticed in reverse it runs a bit slower than what I remember when I had the exact same unit in 1971. There is a push button that says rapid rewind - it does engage the gear but I can't really tell if it runs any faster. It kind of 'snaps' in when you push it. Then as I recall you pull it out to make it run faster - I think. Waiting on a manual but that is how I remember it.

    I love this little projector and it just played my 65 year old Woody Woodpecker 8mm film my dad would show us (before he tired of the hobby) when i was kid - just perfect.

    Thouights on any resources or threads about this projector?