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Save the date: April 14th 2021

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  • Save the date: April 14th 2021

    Last year I ran Titanic on the evening of the actual event. It was such a good show, I am going to do it again next month for the 109th year anniversary. Any somewhat local collectors to me are welcome to attend. But you will need to call out sick from work the next day, and probably get a motel room for the night! From the old post of last year, details are below.

    Seriously the door is open if you can come. Five seats are available in my home. For the love of film! Just contact me to arrange this.

    CHIP G

    Begin text clip:

    Titanic epic chance for a beautiful screening please read titanic fans

    April 12, 2020, 05:53 PM

    APRIL 14, 2020

    For those of you who have James Cameron’s TITANIC – regardless of format or media, please join me from our screening rooms globally for a historic event.

    A simple question to Google I asked, “What day did the Titanic sink?” and while there were several different opinions, I decided to go with the information as shown in Modern Time Zones. Which meant that when she struck the iceberg and did go down, there were no time zones per say.

    Here are the facts which if my math is right, an excellent opportunity awaits our screening rooms.

    April 14, 1912. The time is 11:50pm. The ship strikes the iceberg.

    The ship is 400 miles south of Newfoundland Canada. The time zone is 1 hour ahead of the ship’s destination, (in New York City 10:50pm).

    According to history, it takes two- and one-half hours for her to go down. Leaving behind those who would perish in the cold waters, and those remaining on the lifeboats to be later picked up by the Carpathia.

    Taking all of that into consideration, and given the length of James Cameron’s movie, I believe this to be correct but must be noted as approximate.

    To verify this, I checked my 10th anniversary standard definition DVD. Finding the scene where it strikes the iceberg is 1:40 minutes into the progress of the movie.

    Now if you live the east coast for example:

    Start your feature only screening at 9:10pm. Yes, it will be a late night to bed. Remember to adjust for your time zones accordingly.

    If the calculations are correct, you will observe the ship strike the iceberg on the same day and at the same time, when it happened, 108 years ago.





    And that boys and girls, is why I like this hobby so much. We can see movies any day of the week in a method that not many people can these days. And that’s normal for us.

    But only every once in awhile can you have such a screening that REALLY NAILS IT.

    end text clip :-)

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    Likewise we do our annual show on 15th April when she went down in the early hours. Such a tragedy but very much preserved on film.
    Time to plan it yet and may do another Zoom on the 14th which has been handy during uk lockup.


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      Today's the day! Showtime @ 9:10pm est