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ELMO ST 1200 HD Repair options ?

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  • ELMO ST 1200 HD Repair options ?

    Can anyone make a suggestion on where within the 48 contiguous United States a person can send a projector for repair? I know there are a lot of do it yourselfers out there and simple belt replacement seems pretty easy - but this ELMO I purchased is NEW OLD STOCK and unused. Absolute MINT but the belts have decayed and disintegrated into a greasy mess.

    The 3 main belts look fairly easy to get on but the shutter belt/track is gone too - I saw it a DIY video on repairing this one but I am not sure I have the confidence to take it on.

    So, I would be willing to send the projector to an individual if someone knows a good projector (ELMO Preferred) technician.


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    John over at Optech lightbulbs also repairs Super 8 Projectors/cameras and he has worked on a lot of Elmos. He is worth contacting.


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      Philip Hamilton Replacing the shutter belt is optional. A few years ago I replaced all but the shutter belt and my Elmo ST-1200 HD run just fine. Cleaning up the belt goo can be messy and tedious...but you don't need to be an expert at projector repair to do it. Just get some latex gloves...plenty of cotton swabs...and a big bottle of 90+ alcohol. You CAN do it!

      Here is a good thread from the archives that might be helpful:;f=1;t=009587

      Here is a video on replacing the belts:


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        Hi Philip has the seller offfered any redress on this at all.

        Though I know it was good value and you will be well away when sorted.

        It might be as easy to buy a new 2 blade shutter from Steve Osbourne for $99, will also give you much more light. About 30% more and also better colours too.

        Then its much better than just getting the old shutter belt repalced or just removed and the outside rim is lovely and smooth and wider too.

        Best Mark.

        PS I would still seek some redress though.


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          He can’t get any redress- the machine was never powered on or tested and sold as is.
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            I thought the seller said it ran forward and back and turned each way etc.

            Maybe not though as obviously could not of done.

            You can even be sold a fuilly running !!! projector with no belts in at all on ebay.

            Best Mark.

            PS Whatever though, finding something as serious as the shutter rubber gone is a biggie, and should attract some redress.

            Especially if it was bought very cheaply in a estate sale etc to be fair to Philip.


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              The seller did offer an option for paying to have it repaired etc but the fact that I would have to pay for round trip shipping of this HEAVY projector plus parts and labor would make the total cost about $400 to do so.

              We both agreed that the best answer was to return the projector to him. Which I did today. He said he had a tech that works on his camera stuff that can replace the belts.

              I still don't know how the shutter wheel works without a rubber skid on it - seems like there would not be enough traction to turn it properly. But I have to say that the shutter wheel looked absolutely fine as if there were never a 'belt' on the that particular wheel. So did some of these projectors come without the belt?

              I appreciate everyone's input here. But I think shipping it back given the unknowns and the complex nature of the 1200 was probably the right decision for me. The ST 1200 HD was over kill for what I am looking to get out of a super 8mm sound projector so the search continues (Chinon sound SP300? B&H Filmsonic 1744?)

              The tech at (Denivi Digital) was very helpful and felt that the ST 180E would be a better less complex fit for what I am looking for. If there had been a repair option in North Texas I would have driven that 1200 to them but the shipping back and forth pretty much nixed that.


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                Originally posted by Janice Glesser View Post
                Philip Hamilton Replacing the shutter belt is optional. A few years ago I replaced all but the shutter belt and my Elmo ST-1200 HD run just fine. Cleaning up the belt goo can be messy and tedious...but you don't need to be an expert at projector repair to do it. Just get some latex gloves...plenty of cotton swabs...and a big bottle of 90+ alcohol. You CAN do it!

                Here is a good thread from the archives that might be helpful:

                Here is a video on replacing the belts:
                Hi Janice thanks for those links. Yes I saw the video on the belts before I posted this. Those 3 belts didn't concern me but the shutter belt issue did. I found another video where this guy made his OWN shutter belt for under $10 and he showed how he painstakingly glued with contact cement back on to that hard to get to shutter wheel. I am guessing the only issue with that ST 1200 I purchased was in fact the belts. But I had this nagging feeling that if I replaced them and I still had issue - not yet discovered that the projector would become a money pit. tsk again.


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                  Hi Philip, the belts and shutter wheel were things to ask re a 1200.

                  I should of actually put that when it was being discussed, I just said there were things to ask, sorry you nipped off sharpish and did a deal.

                  Its the cine enthusiasm.

                  I bought one with the same issue`s but a very handy kind friend sorted it for me for £35 plus an extra postage. so well worth it.

                  There were a few varients with a few different bits and pieces.

                  Hope its not cost you too much.

                  Please don`t be put off.

                  If you send me your PP email adress via message I`ll send $10 over to help if there are high post costs.

                  Keep on, as you will love having a nice Elmo etc.

                  Hoping they cover things as they did say it was runing both ways, which was bit naughty really, but at least they are sorting it out.

                  Sorry we should of kept you on track for an ST180 etc but the prices for those seemed very high.

                  My apologies.

                  Anyone got something nice they can do Philip cheaply and very cheerfully his way ?

                  Best Mark.

                  PS I wish I had not sold my Fuji SH9 it was minty and you could of just payed the post from the UK.


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                    Mark - No problem on this end at all. I am good to go. Having purchased through eBay I believe I am not out anything since the Seller provided a pre-paid label for me to ship back to him. eBay guarantees returns even if the Seller says they do not accept them - if the description was misleading. And in this case it was. So, all is good on this end - and even if I were out the return postage that is the gamble sometimes to see if you can score a good unit. In this case it did not work out but I am currently leaning towards an ST 180 M that is advertised as fully functional for around $300 and it includes an Elmo Editor and splicer as well.... I asked about another ST 180 and this seller listed as 'new' but when he checked it he said the rubber belts were dry and needed replacing....glad I asked. He should have checked the unit first ! He has since amended the description....

                    Please advise if there are any special questions related to the ST 180 M that I should ask about. Thanks! Cheers!


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                      Hi Philip.

                      Regarding the ST180, you might ask them to try that each track has the same hum coming out of it. ( they are unlikely to have a twin track sound film, or maybe any sound film there. Also you can test this without a film.

                      It tends to be the one Achilies heel that the very odd ( quite rare so don`t worry ) machine has a dead track on one or two. If the one thats gone is 2 its not so much an issue, but as per sodds law its usually 1.

                      That can be any super 8 machine though.

                      So ask them to turn it on, make sure the flick switch near the main control knob is set to sound.

                      Make sure the volume knob is up to about half then flick the track selector track above the volume knob between tracks 1 and 2 and make sure both have that hum coming out.

                      As the belts are gone and the seller can`t run it I`d ask for a much better price.

                      You can get one an open auction get one from about £60 ( $75 ) up here. Most if with a camera and no actual sound films are little run.

                      As I mentioned before you do need to factor in the 45 odd Euro from Edwin posted for an inlet guide in future.

                      A way to tell if one of the 600 range is little run is to look in that guide. They show some very quickly.

                      If you get an as new machine you will be OK for a good while though and there are free fixes etc too.

                      Thank goodness RE the return, but that was only fair.

                      I personally think the 600 feet range of Elmo Projectors is about the best low cost range of zing and buzz laden for your cash machines.

                      Then get yourself a nice 1.1 lens ( if you want one ) and no worries.

                      I dade not say good luck, juts hope you get a good un.

                      Best Mark.

                      PS I think $150/175 would be more than enough for this ST180 as non running, just my own thoughts. It would be less in the UK though.


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                        Reel Image market a great kit of belts for the machine, I think last price was around €40 or 50 but you will need to check that on the web site.