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  • Keystone 109d

    New in the hobby. Own a bell and Howell 471a, works great after servicing it. Just purchased a Keystone 109d, not having luck finding service info. Oiled the 2 spots marked red. Motor works great in still mode but when I put it in motion mode the motor bogs down nothing turning. Not sure what would be seized. I can see the 2 belts they look in one piece. I believe this machine has been sitting not used for long time.

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    I gave this post a bump. Can anyone give Doug a hand? Thanks!


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      hi there everyone,
      i recently purchased a 8mm keystone 109D i soon realized even though everything seems to be working the projector bulb is not turning on so i ordered a replacement but was still having the same issue i am now half way through dismantlement but released there's a second plug next to the actual power plug named room lamp plug i was wondering if this is at all related to the issue im having and also the functionality of this plug. i would really appreciate if anyone can tell me how to tackle the issue.
      many thanks


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        The Keystone 109D was manufactured in the USA for use on their mains without any transformer. However, USA mains are generally around 115 volts.

        You live in the UK where the declared voltage is 230 volts. Perhaps you are burning out the lamp immediately on switch-on.

        The socket is for a table lamp to place near the projector. The projector lamp switch is a two-way switch which will operate the table-light when the projector lamp is not on.