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Elmo ST-1200 S8 Projector Repair question

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  • Elmo ST-1200 S8 Projector Repair question

    Greeting Celluloid friends!

    I was wanting to know if you could suggest anyone who can tune-up/repair Super 8 projectors?

    Recently, I bought one from an antique store and was able to clean it up and change the belts out new, but I'm still having some minor problems that I'm not sure of how to fix.

    1. The film will sometimes have trouble catching in the gate to pull it into the machine.
    2. There will be times when it noticeably lags and slows down during mid-screening.
    3. The rewinding of the film on the arms will start but towards the end will stop rewinding while there is still film left.

    Any help or knowledge you have that could help me is most welcome.

    Have a great day,

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    You can talk to - unfortunately they are in California and the round trip shipping costs to have them fix it up for you might be prohibitive. They are very nice - I have spoken to them a couple of times.
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