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  • Derann's 16mm released ....

    While those who collect 16mm have known for years, I have only known Derann as a super 8 company. A question, was Derann also allowed to release 16mm copies of they're Disney, MGM, Fox and otherwise, or were these just limited to super 8?

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    I could be wrong but I think it was a bit 'under the counter'. My copies of 'The Old Mill', and 'Bad Luck Blackie' were on the secondhand lists I remember, even though they were new and were not listed offically in the catalogue or Derann realease lists.


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      The 16mm prints new were mainly trailers and cinema intro/Pearl & Dean opening and closing titles/"Mobile Phone Spoof" (Turn off your phone during the film announcement) etc, but a couple of Disney's "Brave Little Tailor" "Tugboat Mickey" and Bugs Bunny 50th Anniversary did appear in their monthly newsletters in the 2000's.


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        'Lonesome Ghosts' was also advertised. Other non-trailer releases included the 'Flavour of the Month' advertisement reel and 'Pieces of Silver'. In view of the latter, I wonder if 'Reflections' was also available on 16mm but I'm not sure.