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  • Box Art at your disposal

    Just in case not everyone has realised, there is tons of box art, (among lots of other stuff),on this great website that Eivind from the other channel has created along with with Greg.
    All the boxes on the site can be downloaded.

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    It's an amazing site, terrific for browsing through and seeing films that I never knew existed!


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      Thanks for the kind words! I looked at the statistics now, and since the launch we have added on average 8.8 films (releases) per day and 2.5 films on average a day got a cover. We have done, but it is also a lot more to be added. This is not a sprint but a marathon and will take years :-)

      In addition to add new films we are also working to make things better and add new features. There is a new feature in the works now. I can't reveal yet what it will be, but I am pretty excited about it myself. It will require quite a bit of work, so it will take some time before it will be announced. Stay tuned! :-)