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A Discovery I Made With 8mm Cameras

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  • A Discovery I Made With 8mm Cameras

    Has anybody else ever noticed there are Double-Eight cameras that are somewhat bigger than others, bigger than necessary for housing 25-ft. spools? Those little spools have a standard diameter of a tad over two inches or 52 mm. Most cameras have a body which encases the spools with enough room around them but not too much. A few, though, have ample space to basically accomodate, well, the next bigger size 50-ft. spools. To name one, the Agfa Movex Reflex, I got the impression it could have been planned at some time to release the camera as a fifty-footer. The take-up spindle would need to be shifted only by a millimeter or two, the feed spindle around 8 mm. Another model I suspect the planners envisioned to be a middle-size model is the Heurtier FA 8. Then the Nizo FA 3. There are more worth an investigation.

    Native 50-ft. spools cameras are the GIC-Morex-Photo Hall 8, the Pathé Lido 8, the Fairchild Cinephonic and professional sound model (prestriped stock), and maybe a few others that escaped my attention. 100-ft. spools are taken by two ELMO models and the Paillard-Bolex H.

    I find it interesting to understand that the hardly known spool size of 71 mm diameter or 2.8" sleeps in a number of cameras. Often a guiding or dividing element would have to be removed or replaced by something smaller in order to make room for 50-ft. spools. Anyway, the double length of film loadable seems to be an asset. Which models can you think of having this dormant capability?

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    Isn't that Standard 8? 25ftx2 split down the middle when processed and joined to make 50ft....or am I missing something?


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      Yes, David. The standard 8/regular 8 gauge is called "double 8" in French and perhaps in other languages.


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        Every now and again you question your own judgement. Thank you Dominique for confirming what little sanity I have left.
        Stay Safe
        BTW I have been transferring film since 1984 so have seen thousands of the old yellow and black Kodak boxes with 25ft double 8 printed on them, along with many unused 25ft reels of the "16mm" film.


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          Call it what you will

          Standard 8
          Regular 8
          Double 8

          was introduced by Kodak in 1932 as an alternative cheaper amateur gauge than the earlier introduced 16mm. The new cameras ran 25ft spools of 16mm film with double the number of perforations than normal 16mm films, it ran through the camera twice. After processing on standard 16mm processing equipment it was split, and the two 25ft pieces joined together to produce 50ft of film for projection.
          For the Bolex H8, 100ft spools of Kodachrome were available.


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            Double Super 8 is available in 10m and 30m rolls. The Zenit Quarz DS8-3 will only run the 10m rolls, whereas the pathe Webo Professional and the Canon Zoom 8 are the only cameras i know that will run 30m rolls 8. Pro 8 offer DS8 MAX, where by the camera gate is enlarged to the full width of the film (to suit 16mm wide) thus giving unanamorphic widescreen.


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              Okay, was wrong about the Heurtier. That camera is taller than others because of the film pull-up system around the upper spool. Theres a detailed description of the Heurtier in German., scroll down to bottom