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Elmo Projector GP-E Problem

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  • Elmo Projector GP-E Problem

    The projector runs very slow and eventually stops while projecting the film forward or reverse. New belts - no change. The motor runs fast when forward or rewind is not engaged. The slow motion lever is in the off position. Suggestions?

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    Temporarily fixed after removing old grease, but after operating for 10 minutes, slowed down and stopped.


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      I had a spare motor so I replaced it, but didn't make any difference. I tried excess lubrication - no change.


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        Hi Don,

        Sorry for the silence: This is one we don't run into very often around here!

        Van Eck's website says this is a DC motor with rheostat speed control. I'm thinking there is some very simple power supply for the motor, maybe just a rectifier without even a filter and then a series rheostat to reduce the motor voltage.

        Something is going funky as it warms up. You swapped in a motor without any luck, so I'm guessing rectifier or rheostat.

        If you could measure the rectifier output voltage and the rheostat pass voltage and watch which is drifting violently with time, we'd have a clue what's going sour. (Measure the motor voltage if that's easier, but we need any two of the three.)

        This machine is over 50 years old: it can be excused for showing some frailty! (-just ask my left knee!)


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          Apparently projector was gummed up with old lubrication. Now it runs as it should, but encountered a new problem. Picture is jumpy. Loop restorer doesn't correct it. However, if I run the film in reverse, the picture stops jumping. What's causing that?


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            Thinking it might be a film issue, I loaded another film. Same problem. Picture is jumpy, but okay if in reverse. Again, loop restorer didn't correct it. Help!!!