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Elmo GS1200 hinge pin

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  • Elmo GS1200 hinge pin

    The front cover hinge pin on my GS1200 keeps popping out, and its no wonder. The rear pin, attached to the amplifier cover, is pressed into the little metal retaining bracket to a shoulder depth of only 0.032 ins, and has to bear the shear load of half the weight of the cover. What a totally rotten design, you would have thought they would have tack welded that pin to the metal bracket.! I have bonded my pin back into the hole many times and yet it keeps popping out. Anybody here had the same problem? And anyone come up with a simple solution? I do note that the cover will stay in place quite happily without both the front or rear hinge pin, and you can pull it off and replace it just like the Eumig 800 covers.
    So I might just leave those little pins out altogether.

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    My oldest GS did that a few years ago and I gave up the super glue option. Instead popped it back in place and rested on a vice whacking the other side with a very fine steel rod from a tap set making a small hole opening the pin rear.
    A good thing to bring up as the pin retainer is that teeny you would probably never find it again in a thick carpet.

    Amazing when you think this £1,000 machine in the late 70's and in today's money would be nearly £6,000 to buy could not manage a minor piece of engineering like a decent bracket?


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      Happened to one of mine many years ago, looking at the repair, I have tapped a thread in to the bracket & made up a screw in pin.