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ELMO GS1200 with retro fitted HID lamp...HELP???

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  • ELMO GS1200 with retro fitted HID lamp...HELP???

    Hello all. I recently bought another Elmo GS1200 from an auction site (not eBay) and although in great condition it has been retro fitted with an HID (think thats right) lamp. As such the input power supply has been modified. I assume that as the new input power connector has 6 contacts that this may mean a doubling up of input power, ie power to the projector and power to the lamp. My issue is, I do not know what the input socket is called , and Im missing the power cable to suit said socket. Plus between the projector and mains power outlet would there have been a separate 'box' to provide ballast to the lamp, etc etc.
    Your advisement greatly appreciated, and there is any skilled projector engineer near Bristol that would be a benefit.
    Thank you all, stay safe.
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    That doesn't look like the HID lamp others here have been using (the Xenpower 150) perhaps its the HMI one as used at the BFCC.


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      Its a GEMINI-300 "EZG" Metal Halide Projector Lamp


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        Looks like only 50hr life too.


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          Marc 300 lamp. It needs a separate power supply. They are VERY bright lamps, run hot & shortish life, terrific picture off these. Getting hard to find nowdays.


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            Here is some information on the lamp

            GE Gemini300 (