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Bell and Howell 1620 not loading

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  • Bell and Howell 1620 not loading

    I've just picked up a Bell and Howell 1620 projector that seems in working order other than I can't get the film to load. I've had a look inside and can see the claw moving but it doesn't seem to engage with the film. Maybe I'm doing something wrong so if anyone has this projector I'd appreciate some help.

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    Hi Simon and welcome! I don't have that model projector...but here are my basic troubleshooting steps. Assuming the motor and take-up reel are operating...since it is a dual gauge machine make sure the film selector is set to the proper format for the film you are inserting (Super 8 or Std. 8mm). If you have it set correctly next is to make sure there isn't a piece of film stuck in the film path. Next check that the gate pressure plate is properly in place and holding the film firmly up against the gate. If all that looks good. Then you will have to remove the back cover. Check that the motor belt it isn't slipping or too tight. Inspect that the shutter is turning properly...which generally operates the claw. If the claw is moving but not protruding far enough...look for an adjustment source. Perhaps someone who is more familiar with this projector can point to where an adjustment might be located. On my Sankyo projectors I was able to move the shutter and claw assembly by loosening the grub screws on the main drive shaft... not sure it this is an option with your machine.


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      Thank you for the reply. I don't know much about how projectors work, other than the claw and the reels turning is there something else that should pull the film through the projector? I took the front cover off and threaded the film through the projector to the back reel, it still wouldn't pull the film through so I'm thinking something major might be wrong.


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        Is the takeup (back) reel moving on forward? Is the supply (front) reel moving? You need to open the back as the next step. Check the belt and the condition of the gears. Then report back. Gotta do the basics before we can determine the extent of the problem.


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          You mean even when manually threading the film, it still doesn't run through at all? Pretty odd symptom.


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            I've taken the back off and can't see anything wrong, the belt looks fine. The take up reel is moving and is powered by a rubber wheel which moves into position when play is selected. The supply reel isn't powered in play. From what I can see the only thing that pulls the film through for loading is the claw.