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Eumig P8 Phonomatic Novo

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  • Eumig P8 Phonomatic Novo

    It was in 2014 that I bought a Eumig P8 Phonomatic Novo. To those who don't know this model, it has automatic threading right onto the take-up spool. There is a rear "slide" which drops down onto the spool, the spool has small teeth to engage one of the film's perforations.

    However, to do this Eumig created a special spool which is wider than the usual standard 8 spool to allow this guide to drop down inside the two flanges.

    Regrettably, although the projector came in its original box with instructions the special spool was missing.

    I searched for years to find the correct spool but was unable to locate one. No doubt Eumig may have only manufactured a small number to include with each projector. Of course, a normal standard spool could be used with manual lacing.

    Now, seven years years later, there on eBay was just what I wanted. This has now been received in perfect condition, and with it, a nice note from the seller, fellow member David Tatham.

    Here is a similar projector on eBay and you can see the auto-setting piece around the lens assembly, and the rear slide actually lying in the take-up spool.

    Eumig P8 Phonomatic Film Projector In original Box with Instructions | eBay

    To David, my grateful thanks.

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    I'm glad that you can now 'complete' your Eumig P8 Maurice, good to hear. I do remember you mentioning in a previous post about your search for the spool. It will be interesting to know what happens when you come to test out the auto thread feature. I heard it was unreliable and I'm quite happy lacing mine up manually, so have never tried it!


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      Thank you, Martin
      As the Eumig has its spools rotating anti-clockwise, as apposed to the normal clockwise direction, I expect that the leader may have to be given some degree of "curl" for use in the auto-thread mode.


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        If I were searching for a Eumig P8, this is the model I would be looking for. It uses the economical FCR lamps that cost practically nothing!


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          The earlier lamps for the P8 variants are now quite expensive, when you can find them.
          The A1/215 (as it's known in the UK) is readily available.
          GE A1/215 12 volt 100 watt FCR Projection Lamp (