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ECS-Chemo Splicer - Glue?

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  • ECS-Chemo Splicer - Glue?

    Hello, adding to my collection of splicers is an Eumig chemo splicer. No glue, or stuff. Any ideas on what could be used. It's for Super8 and doesn't overlap a join but more of a sawtooth notched join. I think it welds the join using a PTFE applicator on the device. Neet if it'll work.

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    It normally comes with a little bottle marked "Special Film Binding Agent". Just a posh name for normal film cement? But, perhaps. not.

    Eumig ECS Chemo Splicer Super 8 Z01. | eBay


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      That's the actual one I bought. Was going to offer box price £9.55. Good price at £10 inclusive though. The paper mentions that the "binding agent is not inflammable." So I'm going to check my chemical pile and see which doesn't set fire. I'll try cement but don't think that's right. Plastic weld may work, not sure.


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        Here is the true and only formula Formula for film splicer 'Eumig Chemo Splicer':

        1. Methhylene Chloride (Dichloromethane) ............ 95 %

        2. Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) .......5%


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          That's just brilliant Jose. I'll source those ingredients and have a go.

          Text format gave it away.

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            Just an update on Methylene Chloride. It's very hard to get to the point of being banned for consumer consumption! It would appear that the film industy has had a few set backs with the chemicals it's used and the banning of them.
            I'll still keep my eye out for something appropriate.


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              Also the eumig chemo splicer use the cinecol film glue made by agfa years ago,it works because use almost the same formula.


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                My bottle of Agfa Cinecol states contains dioxane and methyl alcohol. Neither of those are exactly good for you.


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                  i tried to use the chemo splicer with normal film cement but that did not work at all. when i use the glue (hama, don't know whats in it) it works fine on a normal old fashioned splicer