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Where are the best places to buy hard plastic cases for film?

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  • Where are the best places to buy hard plastic cases for film?

    Hello friends!

    I just was snooping around trying to find multiple plastic S8mm boxes for 600ft reels to buy, but wasn't sure where the best places to find them or most reputable businesses to search them out.

    If you have any knowledge to help me, I would be very grateful!


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    I buy most of my film reels and boxes from Moment Catcher Productions. They have various sizes, and selections. Here's a link to their page for plastic boxes, etc.



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      Hi Lincoln,
      Many collectors, myself included, feel that films stored in tightly sealed plastic or metal cans/boxes are more susceptible to VS and/or color fade. There is no hard scientific evidence to support this theory, just anecdotal evidence based on observations of some collectors. Films stored in cardboard boxes can breathe a lot better, and possibly slow down these ageing processes. Bottom line, plastic boxes can look great but they may not be the best choice for longevity of your film collection.


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        Reel Image Steve Osbourne