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Eumig 810DLUX Claw pin/arm replacement

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  • Eumig 810DLUX Claw pin/arm replacement

    First of all, apologies in advance, no matter what i did, for some reason the images on this site will not load up in the correct order. I have named each one to correspond to the order i did the work in, but unfortunately, it will not work the way i need it to. And its limited to 15 per write up so i cant put them all up in one go. I find uploading on here still quite frustrating as it doesn't do in order and the restrictions are a pain, the images on here are half of those i took so hopefully you will get the idea of the work done.

    A few months ago, I bought a very clean 810DLUX eumig as a spares/repair machine. If I am honest, i thought it was going to be the speed problem common on these projectors, it was advertised as one owner from new, it appears that the seller was a company, possibly the owner had given up on the hobby. When i got it I could see that clearly the claw pin had been snapped off. There was no way that the long term owner had done this so the money was worth it for the Suprogon 1:2 lens, so as i had nothing to lose at just £39, i thought i would have a go at changing the entire claw pin and arm assembly.
    I am fortunate enough to have been able to purchase a new arm with the pin already in, as well as two spare pins with the brass shoulder.
    This is such a frustrating problem and, in my view, a poor design, (along with those rubber discs) in an otherwise reasonable quality and compact projector. I have also purchased the service repair book, (with the full parts listing as well). For once this came as a proper A4 book with a nice plastic cover rather than the usual PDF file so i am pleased with this.

    One of the frustrating things for me attempting this is that Eumig had a tool for simply replacing the claw pin in situ. Unfortunately, this tool doesn't appear to be available anywhere so it looks like i am going to have to do this the long way so it will be a good experience for me as I've never taken a Eumig apart in any way or form other than to change the bulb or gauge. This is rare for me anyway as in my family it's only my Brother who had had these machines, I am an Elmo user but now have the 820 sonomatic and this 810DLUX if i can get it running again. Taking projectors apart is the easy bit, getting it back together and making it run properly without damaging films is another.

    Within the images you can also see how the camera picks up quite a lot of dirt in the std 8 film path at the front so this will also be a clean-up as i go job.

    From what i can see i need to remove the entire claw and shutter assembly to be able to do this, i can’t see any way of doing this with everything in place.
    In summary,
    Back cover off, lens out, gate and pressure plate out. Following the service book to the best of my ability, i have disconnected all the leads on the transformer and released the two retaining screws and removed the transformer. Next was to remove part of the front reel arm mechanism.

    I had problems with the circlips on this machine, previously, someone on this channel mentioned that this particular circlip is only used on Eumig projector's meaning that the correct pliers will not be available anywhere.
    While these clips are Eumig designed and do the job, one has to ask why they didn't just do what everyone else does and design there shafts with a groove to take a normal common e clip which would make things so much easier.
    Unfortunately i ruined two of the clips so i had to obtain new ones,
    eventually, i managed to remove the whole claw unit. I removed two gears as shown,
    from the other side i needed to pull out the front sprocket shaft and the film guide and upper loop former. Back inside, there was a single screw holding two flat metal springs, The Claw unit itself is held in by three screws, one cylindrical and two centering screws. These were secured by the grey colour paint from factory but were very easy to loosen and remove. Removal of the claw unit is now a case of manoeuvring it out gently and carefully.

    This is a simple job made difficult by, (in my view) poor design, unnecessarily awkward clips for what should be simple removal of a few gears, poor design of having to get that white dot at the top making the breaking of the claw pin too easy if you forget. This job overall only requires the pin replacement which, if Eumig made getting hold of that tool easy, could be done in place through the lens barrel as per the service book.

    One of the images shows a single washer from behind the gear, the service book states remove the two washers, the book also shows two but this projector only had one, i did check the back of the gear to make sure it wasn't stuck to it. Another image shows the front sprocket and threading guide and loop former removed.

    This is a slow process for me as it's a first time working on a Eumig to this degree. As i understand it, once you are experienced with this particular job, it shouldn't take very long at all, i think i would have to do this ten times before i could be that confident, this is now the first stage in getting everything back together but the i know the challenge ahead is going to be getting it all to run smoothly with as near to correct adjustment as i can manage without the expertise and correct tools for adjustments.
    Now the claw mechanism has been removed i made my first error, i removed the shutter completely instead of just pulling it back a tad. The two screws on the shaft were loosened and shutter removed. To actually get the shutter off all together i needed to remove the bulb holder, again this was one simple screw. Once i remove the bulb holder i realised this was not necessary, all i needed to have done was just push the shutter back as far as the bulb holder in place.
    One of the images shows the claw arm in place ready to be removed with another image showing the screws that are required to be removed. Another image shows the old unit out alongside the new one to go in.
    another image shows the frame unit with the arm removed, the claw arm spring now visible, the next image showing the all-important washer that must go back onto the spring where the centre of the claw arm locates into the spring. This was something that John White pointed out to me prior to purchasing the new claw arm. It was pure luck that he had one in stock as he doesn't normally sell these, a few simple tips to help goes a very long way.
    Getting the claw in place was fiddly but relatively simple, once in place and secured with the two screws, it was a case of holding the claw arm down while gently refitting the shutter and getting the claw arm pin to engage it, getting it as near correct as possible by eye, i tightened up the two securing screws. The claw cam in the shutter was cleaned out and re greased prior to re fitment. Rotating the spindle slowly by hand, i made sure the claw was functioning in the correct manner and that the shutter wasn’t going to hit anything. Using my 820 sonomatic as a copy model, i tried to get the shutter roughly the same distance from the claw mechanism body.
    The image shows i now at last have a claw pin.

    The next stage is going to be getting things back together, as always the service book is fine but never straight forward as it seems

    Having finally got hold of a pair of the correct clip pliers i was able to get the projector back together much easier.
    I cleaning off all the old oil and grease from the gears and shafts, the gears themselves were placed back into position and new clips fitted. Using the correct type of pliers has saved hours of struggling. All gears and shafts now have a fresh oiling and greasing, the friction parts have been refitted back onto the front reel arm, finally, the transformer was refitted and all leads connected. Again, i treble checked the shutter was all ok and that the claw pin is in the correct retracted position before refitting the pressure plate and gate, the removal and refitment of the claw pin is now all done. The final piece to all of this is going to be trying to ensure the claw pin is adjusted to best i can achieve. This, i think, is going to be the most critical part as clearly, without the specialist tools to do the job, it is going to be a lot of trial and error.
    Later i will try and let you know how well it all worked.

    When I got this machine, nothing ran, it was solid, even on 18fps it only made a suggestion of a forward motion. Since getting it all cleaned up and back together, the projector now runs properly. The only left for me do, when I find the time, is to set up the claw which I will have a go at as and when.

    Click image for larger version

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    Well good luck there and it seems as if you've already got quite a lot accomplished. I have no doubt you will set the claw properly in the end.


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      A quality write up with good explanation and photo's to match, good one Tom, not big fan of these machines, but each to there own...........


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        Joseph and Paul, thank you very much.

        The images seem to be all over the place. weird!

        It wasn't an intended purchase, i did spot the lens which i though would be useful to my Brother as he has a few of these machines, all of them have speed issues which i will sort for him. For Standard 8 showings in particular this lens makes quite a difference.
        My own sonomatic will need the rubber wheels sorting as well but this was another cheapie off ebay, so another play toy.

        My own film shows are always on the Elmos or Bauer.