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GODZILLA & KING KONG VS. GODZILLA World Premiere Showings at Steve Osborne's !

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  • GODZILLA & KING KONG VS. GODZILLA World Premiere Showings at Steve Osborne's !

    On Saturday , September 25 , 2021 THE REEL IMAGE owner Steve Osborne had the WORLD PREMIERE showings to a group of avid film fans at his annual Outdoor Movie Theater presentation in Kettering , Ohio .
    Those LUCKY to attend were : Terrence Brundage , Bob Statzer , James Trombino , Chris Cottrill , Bill Phelps III , Debbie Zornes , Jonathan Hancock , Bob Becker , Aaron Coates , Greg Perry and myself along with Steve Osborne ( the projectionist ) .
    BOTH digests were very well received ; GODZILLA , KING OF THE MONSTERS absolutely amazed the viewers as to the seamless flow of the soundtrack and film editing . In fact Greg Perry had NEVER seen the original full - length feature of it and commented " This was probably one of THE BEST digests he had ever seen ! " " It was so atmospheric and the scenes in the flow of action built to the exciting climax ! " .
    Bill Phelps III made the comment , " This digest's color was just so vivid , much better than I expected of KING KONG VS. GODZILLA . "
    Along with the digests Steve also ran some cartoons , ( one was an old musical of BOTTLES , JUMPIN' JUPITER WITH PORKY AND SYLVESTER ) , Coming attractions ( One was GOLDENEYE ) , The Blackhawk THE LIVE GHOST version and The Disney excellent color color ( NOT FADED ! ) version of DINOSAURS. Also a very dated ( but interesting ) short called " Look at Life " about the music scene of the 1960's in England , after THE BEATLES .
    I introduced the show and fielded some questions from the audience - one of the most asked was - " What's being released next ?? "
    It was necessary to explain that , based upon sales , that would determine any future releases made by me . HOWEVER , at this time , I DO HAVE SEVERAL others that are scheduled for release by the end of this year ; BOTH in color .
    It was a trip - and an adventure that was WELL WORTH everyone's time - AND FUN !
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    After the " Main Event " ended , Those of us " Hard - Core " film buffs gathered downstairs into Steve's BEAUTIFUL Theater and we watched the Original Answer prints of JAWS , DRACULA and a sound / color 16mm cut of DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE .
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    Bill and I confer about this evenings presentations......
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    Greg Perry and myself caught off-guard by the cameraman !
    Besides myself , as being a traveler from far away ( Florida ) , Greg traveled from far away too . Can you guess from where ??
    THANKS TO STEVE OSBORNE and his family and all those who were there that cold September night to celebrate SUPER 8MM Film !!

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    Wonderful Stuff!

    -someday I hope to get there myself!

    I say "Minnesota"! (-but that's not a wild guess!)


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      Lovely to read this and see the pictures Dave what a show! You are all doing amazing things in the US for us and those who collect new films do really appreciate it.
      Our biggest show over this side of the lake will be at Blackpool in November oh boy how we are looking forward to it.

      Top show Steve!


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        Great !


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          Congratulations - it sounds like an idyllic evening, especially if the weather contributed. Considering the size of the outdoor screen, that's a nice bright image. Incidentally, there were Dutch releases from 'King Kong Vs Godzilla' (with English sound and subtitles), but the colour and quality of these was absolutely NOT vivid, so the vast improvement upon these will be very welcome!


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            Thanks , everyone for the well-wishes !
            Steve , you would have won a FREE digest of my releases for the correct answer - if I had any !!
            LEE , Dom and Adrian - I always appreciate your support for our hobby and you too keep it moving forward !


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              I'll get there someday: since my son went to college almost out to Chicago, Ohio seems almost...close!


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                I would LOVE to attend something like this! Maybe next year - is it open to all?


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                  Invitation only....


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                    It really was a blast to join you, Steve O., Bill Phelps and, the rest of the gang and watch these great digests your team has put together! Many thanks to Steve O. and his wife, Jo, for putting on such a fun evening of film. 👍


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                      Thank you Dave for posting this pictures. Must have been a real/reel fun event. Very cool!


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                        Thank you Joachim ! It was a very exciting event !


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                          Nice pics Dave! Always a great time at Steve's film shows. It was great seeing everyone and meeting some new friends, Aaron and Greg. I am 3 hours away (I live in Ohio too) so I try not to miss a show! The Godzilla releases looked excellent and the upcoming ones were also looking great. I should have took some pics but I didn't....I was too busy eating!


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                            Steve Osborne has asked me to mention that if any Forum member is interested in attending screenings in Kettering, just contact him via email and he will send information about upcoming shows.


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                              Yes , very cool....thank you ! Click image for larger version

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