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  • Cinesea 23 Picture Report

    The first installment of our adventures in Wildwood, reported by your trusty team (Steve Klare and moi) will be posted under this topic heading.

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    I'm looking forward to it!


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      Thanks Guys...Cheers, Shorty (a/k/a The Boss)


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        I always look forward to these photos 😁


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          CineSea think how far we've come. This one had a special feeling, a sense of "Good to be together again" after the challenges of 2021. More so, perhaps, than past shows, all the things that make CS wonderful made themselves felt: the warmth of reuniting, the feeling of something an ever-shifting world, and, of course, the pleasure of enjoying actual film.

          The folks at the Shalimar did their usual great job in having our meeting space ready for us. It was just a matter of filling it up (which we tend to do quite easily 😁):

          Doug had arrived on Wednesday and had gotten the screen up already, so on Thursday, there was extra time for load-in and sound setup. Gary had brought his JBL powered speakers and mixer as usual, and Doug set up his Elmo stereo set for his GS:

          ...and presto, ready for action:

          One thing that has evolved over time (and I believe the Klares were the pioneers in this regard) is the seating. We have always had the hotel chairs...

          ...but much like something from a good B-movie, the Comfy Seats have multiplied and are taking over...

          With the banner up, things were getting official:

          ...and the 'regulars' started gathering:

          Gary Crawford had brought his brother Dann, a pleasure to meet him:

          And Secret Agent #53863 (well, that's what the badge says) also known as Todd Tuckey, arrived along with Tammy:

          Mr. Boland made it all the way from Texas to be with us again:

          As evening fell, I made it an early night, but our Second Roving Reporter, Steve Klare, sat in on the Thursday night screenings (a new thing), so next chapter will have his input and images from the evening along with further pics/text from me.

          Stay tuned...

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            Thank you, Claus. Nice way to start us off. It was wonderful having you back with us again.

            You were obviously the one responsible for bringing us the warm weather. Those were the sunniest & warmest days we had in a long time!

            Special thanks to the early birds who assisted with the setup. There's no way this show would happen without your help.


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              I appreciate the kind words, Doug; the weather was indeed perfect. The rain only started threatening when we were leaving Sunday.

              Given the times we live in, precautions had to be taken for this gathering. Kudos to Doug, Lou and Shorty for making sure the masks were on during all activity in the meeting room:

              On Thursday night, with a number of folks already having arrived, we started running films.

              Steve Klare took part in the screenings; the following is his report and pics:


              Thursday Night Theme

              CineSea keeps expanding forward in the week. There was a time when the official event was after 10AM Saturday morning and ending Sunday morning…noonish, but people started gathering the day before! Given the decent sized crowd there on Friday, some sort of event seemed to be called for, and that’s where Friday Night Feature and the Friday Matinee came from.

              -well wouldn’t you know: People are now gathering on Thursday…what to do?

              Thursday Night Theme is the latest thing at CineSea. -a little like Saturday Night Show except more “focused” (-so to speak) by choosing a definite flavor the shorts should have. This first time the theme was “Spooky” because Halloween is coming. (I’m looking forward to An Evening of Railroad Films someday…yet certainly not holding my breath!)

              Here’s a selection of what we enjoyed that night:

              Super 8mm

              The Mummy’s Ghost - Castle 200’

              Spooks (Flip the Frog) - Blackhawk 200'

              Strait-Jacket - Columbia 400’ digest

              The Exorcist - Warner Bros. 400’ digest

              The Old Mill - Disney 200’

              Haunted Spooks (Harold Lloyd, Scored) - Blackhawk 400’

              Ghosts on the Loose (East Side Kids, Bela Lugosi) - 400’


              Frankenstein’s Cat (Mighty Mouse)

              Magoo Meets Frankenstein

              Hair-Raising Hare (Bugs Bunny)


              A reel from “Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master”

              Something To Tide You Over” segment from “Creepshow”

              Steve Klare



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                Brilliant photos and write up

                Hope you get "An Evening Of Railroad Films" one day Steve


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                  Excellent, Steve and Claus. One of these years, when the stars are correctly aligned…🙏😁


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                    To backtrack a bit, since we have the luxury of 35mm, thanks to Geoffrey and his PortaCine, it is good to remember what constitutes "portable" in that format as compared to, say, your average Elmo St-1200. It arrives like this:

                    ...cabling needs to be done:

                    ...the take-up arm with built-in drive motor:

                    ...and where would we be without the Goldberg Brothers! Their 6000-ft reels with the so-called "floating core" (which spins separately) enable a gentler startup with less chance of snapping film. They're great for 16mm long-play units too:

                    A good Travelling Projectionist will have his case of lenses. Here are some fine choices, including the golden one on top, a Schneider:

                    ...them's big teeth...if you have been around 35mm, you learn quickly to keep your fingers clear of the transport when it is running. We're talking a whole different level of motor strength and torque (and possible injury) compared to the little accidental 'nips' we can all get with 8mm and 16mm:

                    We're fortunate to have Geoff bring his wonderful setup each time; it truly makes CineSea a show for all gauges.

                    More soon...


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                      Wow Geoff’s 35mm set up is amazing!


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                        One of the best parts of Geoff’s PortaCine is the back story it comes with.

                        This is a relatively low mileage machine, but despite this a film rental company near Geoff notified him it was headed for the dumpster if he didn’t take it off their hands.

                        -so he has it basically as a rescue!


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                          Looks more Transportable than portable to me. Mind you I still remember Ben Wales 35/70mm projector he took to a couple of Ealing BFCC events!!!


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                            Yes, the handle on top is somewhat deceiving!

                            You can put a handle on top of a Volkswagen Beetle: still doesn't mean you can carry it like a briefcase!


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                              In the mist next to the bedroom window you can see what looks like a man's face a Priest maybe Damien Karras, or am I just seeing things?.