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Elmo ST-800 2 track version, how rare it is?

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  • Elmo ST-800 2 track version, how rare it is?

    We learn something new everyday. For a projector with 800 feet capacity I knew there are ST-800 and GS-800. For the stereo machine I only knew GS-800, but today I just found out that a ST-800 2 track version is also available on the market. This is another obscure version beside ST-800 M&0 (magnetic and optic) which is also available in the market.

    This picture below is taken from Facebook. I removed some object that is not relevant.
    How rare this machine?

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    No picture that i can see............


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      Hi Winbert,

      I saw your Facebook picture and at first I had the same reaction you had. Then I saw the top loop former and thought "That's not what my ST-800s have."

      -If you zoom in tighter on the Model number it says "ST-600M 2-TRACK"

      If I could do just one spec change on my own ST-800s, it would be 1200 Foot capacity, and not twin track. As it is, I have a bunch of 1200 Ft. reels that only project on my ST-1200, and when it's giving me trouble they don't project at all.


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        Most things are rare until you mention an interest in them on a public forum.
        For example, watch how ebay listings increase for this item.
        Looking for Rocking Horse s%%t.
        Sales of dowel cut offs are going to saw! Pardon the pun.


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          Are you. Certain about this? As far as I know only the ST 1200 HD has the true left and right outputs MONI1 MONI2 when the Fed to a true stereo amplifier such as pro logic then you have stereo sound

          as far as I know all the lower model units that have two tracks sound all they do is take track one and two and mix it to a mono signal


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            My mistake that is a ST-600 only because of the color is black make me thinking it is ST-800


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              I'm closing this topic since the same picture and discussion are currently appearing in this thread.