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Shape of Springs to come! Elmo ST160

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  • Shape of Springs to come! Elmo ST160

    I got a parts machine for my SC 18. I was in need of a lamp cover. Thought a ST 160 spare repair would do. Taking it out of the box after it had arrived I soon thought I'd got myself a real peach. It was discribed as "mint" and "working previously". It's a house clearance item and nothing deceitful. It really is clean. Powers on but, you know the story. Belts. Open the back and boy! Clean, just the belt debris. Just laying there and parts still in the groves. Click image for larger version

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ID:	45259 I think there's enough parts there for the two belts. Am I the first to open this unit up? Gave the waxy left overs on the pullies a clean off and put the back back.
    It sat beckoning me to belt it up. So I did with my cord of rubber and some glue. The longer of the two belts stuck ok. Less speed and stress. The motor belt parted twice till I let it set an hour.
    Time for film. Remember, I'm a noob so haven't noticed anything.
    First try. One chewed film leader! Just after the gate is what I call a toung. I could see it but it was stuck well into it's park position. Looking at my HiVi with different fixings but same approach. The toung should guide the film to the audio section during auto load. Somehow the lever arm had managed to get itself on top of the spring metal. No idea! I had to remove the spring metal plate (one screw) to correct this little issue. Possibly it could be forced over the plate from the top side. Time to test the film again. Ummm! A bit more of the film chewed! This time just at the last sprocket prior to the direction change to the takeup spool. Seems the spring from the track guide is missing!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211023_194857.jpg
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ID:	45261 That's just the belt picture in the wrong part of the post.
    Here's the spring issue, just need to know the shape. There's a groove underside of the track and a pressing in the base.
    Any images of this missing part?
    Click image for larger version

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ID:	45263The spring thats attached via a screw is ok. That's the one that attaches to the half round pressed piece on the plate I'm holding.

    So a parts machine in need of a part!
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    The nitrile rubber cord belt stuck with Permabond 735 has taken it's first successful test. Once completely safe I may invite William Shatner. I've used a small piece of kitchen towel as a spring. I think I can sell it on eBay as fully working
    Click image for larger version

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ID:	45307 The small top steady spring was a bit of a job to reattach.
    Looks like the HiVi is still without a lamp cover!
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      There's something a little rewarding getting something working again. A makeshift spring and a couple of belts and still going strong. Running Tora Tora Tora.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	20211027_204534.jpg
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ID:	45570 Complete with some near misses, so maybe not just guns on set but a little more care with stunts too.
      Back to the ST160:
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