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Bolex 18-5 lubrication

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  • Bolex 18-5 lubrication

    Could the Bolex 18-5 users who have done maintenance on their machines, advise where and how to lubricate the various moving parts? I can see and oil (Singer sewing machine oil works well, as a light oil lubricant) the bronze bearings for the motor and shutter mechanisms, and the shutter blade "switcher sprocket" that is beside the three rubber drive belts. But how does one oil the film sprocket shafts, that are hidden behind the auto-thread guides, and the plastic gears and chain drive for the take-up reels? Is there a way to do this without the complex removal of many parts, and likely problems afterward?
    Could anyone who has a service manual for the Bolex 18-5 family of Regular and Super 8 projectors, post the assembly drawings for these mechanisms?

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    I've lubricated my Bolex 18-5L Super and it's pretty simple really. Lubrication is only needed on the plastic gears and the chain drive itself. I've never lubricated the sprocket shafts as I don't believe that's needed. A squirt of oil on the motor shaft is something I've done a few times. I wouldn't get into disassembling the projector your just asking for trouble. The 18-5 series (regular 8 and Super 8) are designed to last many decades so maintenance is also very simple.
    Also I'm not sure if service manuals are available for these machines or not. I've never seen any. If someone here does have these manuals for the Standard 8 and Super 8 machines let us know.


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      If anyone around here has an 18-5 service manual it would probably be Barry Fritz. Barry has a whole fleet of 18-5 variants, and I seem to remember that he did post an exploded view of the spool arm gear assembly a while back, from some manual that he had. But I am not sure that Barry has yet registered to the new forum, I hope he does.


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        Barry is listed in the Members List so you should be able to PM him.


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          I sent Barry a PM last night but so far no response.