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Problem with Kodak Instamatic M80-L 8mm Projector

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  • Problem with Kodak Instamatic M80-L 8mm Projector

    Hi there everyone,

    I recently came into procession of a Kodak Instamatic M80-L 8mm movie Projector which seems to be in good condition.

    It powers on ok and I hear the motor running. The lamp also works. Unfortunately the rear spindle and take up spool does not rotate. I placed the film leader into the film entrance but it doesn’t take and feed through.

    Does anyone know what might be the problem?

    I am pretty new to Super 8 and would love to get this projector up and running.
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you


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    Theres a parts machine with user manual on ebay USA cheep but postage may be a deal breaker. Nice unit but can't help further other than make notes as you go along.


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      Open up the back of projector check rubber belt if broken replace


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        Originally posted by Edward Nicielnik View Post
        Open up the back of projector check rubber belt if broken replace
        I agree with the above comment.
        Here is an eBay seller in the USA who is advertising a suitable belt.
        KODAK M-70,M-80,M-85,M-90,M-95 CARALUX 8MM Projector Belt, 1 Long Take up Belt | eBay


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          Good day EDWARD,
          If you want free info try this

          This is mainly about Carousel units but has good info on 8mm cine and you can download for free service manual/ instructions on the M series. The one on the M seies is 56 pages sopretty comprehensive.


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            Welcome to the Forum Edward! Send me a PM and I can send you a PDF of the Service Manual for that projector.


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              Thanks so much for the feedback and help everyone. Those links are very helpful.
              I will try and remove the casing and see if the belt needs replacing.
              I came across this video on YouTube. This is exactly the problem I am having.