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  • Eumig Lens ?

    Hi I ahve aEumig Lens,

    It has a little slot on one side and flat area and a small round bump on the other side.

    Is that the fitting from the 800 series or bolex/Eumigs please.

    Can they be used in a 932 etc with a fiddle.

    Many Thanks Mark.

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    It sounds like a Eumig 800 series lens but without a picture it would be difficult to tell.


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      Hi Mark,
      The 900 series lens has a box like structure on the sleeve and I dont think the 800 lens will fit because of this.


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        I have used standard Eumig lenses in my S926 the barrel diameter is the same but you can't use the focus knob and have to manually move the lens to focus. Some may think this an advantage as less focus slip.


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          I've had the same experience as Brian and I agree that manually moving the lens is a lot better than the sloppy Eumig cam focussing systems.


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            Ah well thats handy. Thank you people.

            I`m still looking for a Eumig 932 etc for someone but small rooms.

            This is a Xenovaron 1.1 and in a Eumig 800 series fitting then by the sound of it.

            I originally got this to go in to my Elmo ( right size barrel ) but don`t fancy cutting a small slot for the Elmo locator Pin.

            But using the Elmo 1.0 in the ST1200 now I`ve taken the lens spring out so this is surplus. Though still use the Elmo 1.1 as well.

            So he can use this by twisting in to the right spot on a 900 series Eumig ? and no issue regarding the box shape bit ?

            Just the job. Should up the light as well as not great on those.

            Still looking for a boxed little used Eumig 932 or 934 but only looking to pay around £50/60 for a 100 watt machine as for a newbie.

            I may yet give them my better 1200 and clear all the 8`s out, I keep meaning to get sorted. But keep getting pandemicked out etc but getting there slowly.

            Anyway thank you for the advice.

            Best Mark.

            PS if I give the 1200 away, I may actually sell this xenovaron 1,1 for the 800 Eumig series and my 1.0 of the Elmo with the clear out etc and do need some cash so any ideas what to ask for these. They are both minty, the 1.0 is superb, best I ever used. My eldest is off work with an injury but no sick pay ( from work, great UK in 2021 ), so all helps. hence getting more back to the clear out.
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              If you have the later Eumig 800 lenses with the little pin on the lens, if worn with age focus best you can then manually turn the lens.
              I have a 824 well used where the pin is worn so turned the whole lens round twist to gently focus by hand. Works OK.

              Some of the other forums put down the little Eumig up against say a Elmo GS1200 but do not mention the GS was 5 times the price of a Eumig 810 Dual gauge back in the day. Worth keeping in mind for the little Eumig. Mind you I've had one in a professional cinema this year so they.must be pretty good

              Doesn't matter what projector you have just enjoy the movie! Happy days