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  • Sankyo xl-420

    Hi all

    i just picked up a sankyo class-420 that looks in wonderful shape. How could I shoot 100D in it? I see the speeds it takes on the inside where you place the film but 100 iso isn’t one of them, seems like 160 daylight is a setting it takes. Anything I can do about this to get it to work properly or will it be ok anyhow?

    help much appreciated.

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    Hi I've filmed quite a bit of Kodak 100D with my 620 Sankyo a nice light weight camera so yours should do the same. Remember to switch out the Daylight filter tho.
    Best things about them are the fast 1.2 lens for lower light filming with the wide shutter aperture. Oh you'll probably have the main filming speeds as well 18 24 36 and single frame


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      Lee Mannering Ah lovely! Thanks so much for your help again. Just wondering when you say switch out the filter do you mean make sure you have the setting set to the bulb rather than the sun when using 100d?


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        Scott your Sankyo appears to only recognize the 160 ASA notch, and not 100D. There's an easy fix for you, just use the back light control while filming with EKtachrome. Actually this is to your advantage since this stock seems to like more light. The back light will open the aperture by one stop. I would also use a neutral density filter when filming outdoors in bright light. Otherwise you may get washed out images. A 4X ND filter that reduces light by two stops works well. Besides lowering the f stop, it will also give a sharper image on screen projected. I've shot about 10 rolls of 100D and have learned what seems to work and what doesn't. Also keep in mind your camera is an XL (low light) model so a ND filter is a must! I shot a roll of 100D back in August, at the beach. I used a Yashica 50XL with a ND filter. I opened the aperture by one stop and all looked perfect on screen. Good luck and happy filming! This is a great stock if one is careful about how you shoot with it.