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    I’ve been researching for a book on the world of ELVIS 8mm film. I obviously have the films we know and love from DERANN, RED FOX, UNIVERSAL 8, VIACOM, KEN etc and am now looking to private collectors for the odd stuff that got past me or I have only read about!
    I have been talking to many who were in the trade at the time and some great stories and behind the scenes facts have emerged. Flyers and adverts have also started to flood in.
    I have many great flyers for Movie buys great Beatles and rock stuff plenty of Elvis . I'm looking for more info on the company

    If you would be interested in helping with this or any views on Elvis 8mm. please contact us at

    8mm Elvis

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    I doubt I would be of much help, but I do know of a few rarities, only because I had some of these, quite by accident. There was a 400ft super 8 reel of bloopers from the Elvis comeback special, with at least one complete song, and printed on low fade film stock. The other is a nifty black and white release of the last program Elvis was on before he went to Hollywood to do his screen test. The funny thing is nearly have of the 200ft reel is dancing and such that had absolutely nothing to do with Elvis. I hope that this helps.


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      Thanks thats the red fox and later derann release