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Help needed Elmo GS-1200

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  • Help needed Elmo GS-1200

    Hi guys,
    I’m new here, a dealer in the UK with 2 little shops in Manchester & Liverpool, I started buying and selling old photographic gear 20 years ago.
    We bought in a GS-1200 but though the transport works I can’t get the lamp to shine for projection. I can see its good, there’s a minimal voltage running through it so it appears a dull orange, the spare lamp is just the same.
    Any ideas? Checks or tests to suggest? Dear John White is 200 miles away so if I can save that trip it will help!
    Thanks in advance,
    Jeremy Kime

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    Dim lamp maybe autofeed. If autofeed engaged lamp is dim. If no film to exert pressure on exit switch lamp remains dim. Exit microswitch roller is just visible right corner of VU panel. Lightly press with toothpick to hear it click. With power on to the GS and autofeed engaged, lightly press roller to release autofeed and full lamp power.
    Not sure if that's the issue here.


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      Many thanks for your suggestion. I looked for the microswitch and couldn't find it!
      I realised I hadn't tried the projector with a take-up spool in place so wondered if the route of the film was not triggering the switch.
      After loading the film onto a (take-up) reel the lamp burst into life, wonderful! Such simple things...
      Initially the film jumped in the gate going forward but was steady in reverse.
      After starting again and trying out the Still option, when re-starting the film was steady in the gate going forward too.
      So all seems well now.
      Now to try out the sound options, not sure if I have any optical tracks, will have to look...
      There's a lot of crackle when first switched on though the residual noise of the fan and motor means that this is never a quiet projector, though smooth.
      Any thoughts on the sound issue, doesn't seem affected by dust in the pots, turning those makes no noise.
      Thanks again,


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        The projected image jumping may have been the autofeed path restricting top loop. Once the autofeed released the top loop is free to form.
        I have no electrical advice other than what others have mentioned. That is if it's stood for some time and metals have oxidized, contact spray whilst off then when dry, use the projector. It may just need limbering up.
        Hopefully after a day of use it'll spring to life.
        Glad things are going in the right direction