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Help needed replacing lamp on Bolex 18 - 5L Projector 1971 model

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  • Help needed replacing lamp on Bolex 18 - 5L Projector 1971 model

    hi everyone,

    I’m setting up my Bolex 18 - 5L Super 8mm Projector 50Hz (Serial no:3257703) 1971 model.

    It’s been in storage for 3 years after I mislaid the power cable. I purchased a new cable and powered on. All good except the lamp doesn’t work. Three years ago the projector was working fine and was stored away carefully. So I am not sure what happened. Would a dud fuse prevent the lamp from working?

    Since this is a post 1970 model I believe the replacement lamp is a EFN 12V/75W Halogen. Is that correct? Tried sourcing them on eBay but found it confusing. Can anyone pin point the right one to buy?

    Also would appreciate any advice on removing the lamp and installing a new one.
    I am not technical minded and don’t want to start fiddling around and breaking things.
    Once again any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you

    Edward (Australia)
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    yes that is the right globe left top pin away from globe pull globe out of holder pull globe out off white back end connecter


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      Hopefully it's just the connection has a little corrosion. Carefully remove connector and reattach a couple of times and try projector again.


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        I would spray some contact cleaner where the socket pins are located at the bulb. Also I've sprayed where the bulb assembly connects at the base. To do that you will need to remove the bulb assembly itself. Just twist the assembly, and it will release from the base. There are 3 metal flat brackets that keep the bulb assembly in place when the unit is twisted inward.
        Here's the bulb you will need as a replacement. The EFN 12 V 75 watt bulb is the correct one.



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          Just a word of caution in the use of contact cleaner and that its "extremely flammable" Its great stuff to use, but do let it dry out "fully" before you put any power to the lamp...or else

          What I do also with all lamp pins, even with new lamps, is to use a small strip of wet and dry paper, something like 320-400 grade to polish the lamp pins up. If you have any resistance to the current flow between the socket and lamp pins, that resistance will heat things up, and in time burn out the lamp socket contacts.


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            Tried your tip Graham, gently sanded the 2 pins on the bulb and now it works.

            Thanks everyone for all the help