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  • Two new toys!

    Two new toys to add to my growing collection. Price, as it's currently topical, £60 inclusive for the Elmo ST160m and £45 for the Eumig S934 automix. The Elmo is a parts purchase and physical user manual. The lamp cover will be used on my Elmo HiVi. It's also, by good fortune, got the exit shoe spring needed for my other ST160m. Price IMHO was a tad too much, yet I bought it! It does have two needed parts and it was sold as unworking. I have no desire to fix it. It won't cost me any more. I think some of you will know what I mean. I can let this one go. Now the Eumig was just impulse. New listing, Buy it Now. Good price. Bought!
    Price. For online, I consider value. The ST160 was £15 in value regardless to actual costs. £10 lamp cover and a really expensive spring. So where's the extra £45 going. Well postage. £8. Then asking someone to pack and post it. £10. So now there's a new total, £33. Fees, eBay finder fees, I'd be looking a long time to find bits, £10. £43. That leaves £17 over spend. Not too bad. The lamp may work, lets see. Yes, after removing it and cleaning the contacts, I have a working lamp. I didn't do too badly and best of all it's actually got a valid use.
    The Eumig. Again sold as untested. On first power up it does sould variable. Bit of flutter in the motor sound. Lamp works. As a curiosity and needless purchase, not bad. I don't think it's a worker though. Needs looking at. Fun Fact. The power switch didn't work! It wasn't broken though, just some how jumped over it's little power switch finger/pin. It also employs a lock on the selector, this time metal. A daft idea that should have been dropped by Eumig. The GS1200 on off switch can be used at anytime! The S934 automix is a cheap and cheerful projector and shouldn't be too much bother to sort out (he says!).
    Overall, not bad and I may even sell them once I've had my wicked way with them.

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    The S934 automix on/off switch.
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    So far, I think this hobby is cheaper than golf!

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    The Eumig S934 isn't a happy bunny. So it's on hold until I have a table space spare. The Elmo ST 160 has just run my test Road Runner film, Guided Muscle. I put some home made belts on as the originals had perished. This time using polyurethane round cord "glued" simply by melting. Again, you guys and in particular, Janice, have already come across these issues previously and in many cases, including this one, already solved them. The old forum archive's are a wealth of info. Even though the ST is a parts machine, nice to know it's working.
    ​ I had difficulty with green PU round cord slipping with the Eumig P8, maybe because all pullys are metal and possibly a stiffer mechanism harder to turn.
    Needed something easy prior to tackling the GS1200.
    Can't see me selling them. If I fix (when) the S934 I'll need to keep it to ensure the fix sticks. The ST just needs a control knob and it's done. Still classed as a parts machine. Lamp cover and I'll look at that spring.
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