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Have in invested in a MAGNATECH

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  • Have in invested in a MAGNATECH

    Just installed a Magnatech to help with the professional dubbing of 8mm prints. The mag heads are presently being restored and I hope England can restore top quality stereo high speed dubbing in 2022.
    Can I encourage others in the UK to embrace our love of film to keep and eye for equipment to sustain future 8mm releases if you are able. We need to keep this moving forward and as Bob the Builder said yes we can!

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    What exactly is a Magnatech? I've been around here for years and never heard of a Magnatech but assume from your description that it is used for dubbing sound. How does it work exactly? Just curious.


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      Not sure if this is what it is:
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ID:	46783 There's also 3 on eBay.

      However, not sure if on the right track.
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        I remember in Lee's film Cinema in Miniature that Derann used a Magna-Tech machine which was modified for Super-8 to record the soundtracks on their new prints.


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          Magna-Tech is still in business although they no longer manufacture dubbers.

          Magna-Tech Website


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            I'm sure that the London Distributors mentioned in the advert also advertised in Movie Maker that they re-lapped sound heads. That is when they wore down they would renew the metal that contacted the oxide. Ged of Derann replied to a Facebook post about that they used that service and bought new heads from them.


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              You are right Stu as seen in my film Cinema in Miniature. It seems I've gone full circle, anyway the good news others in the UK have other parts of the dubbing puzzle so collectively will make the full setup we hope! We are going to need some sort of space eventually as the full kit is big but one step at a time.
              Worn mag heads can be re-lapped as can projector heads if the need be probably the most important part of a quality sound product and delivery.
              Will see how we go on in 2022 🙂