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Elmo GS 1200 Fan Motor Refreshing

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  • Elmo GS 1200 Fan Motor Refreshing

    After 40Years of running the Fan Motor in my GS Machine runs slowly and the Machine was more hot as normal.
    I give this Motor a clean up and put in new Brushes. Now it runs like a new one. The Collector i threaded with 600 Sandpaper to plain the worn surface.
    After assemble the Motor back i have to give him a little Knock with the back of a Screw Driver to put the Ball bearings in right Direction. Than lubricate them with special Bearing Oil and the Shaft turns very easy. The Fan Blade Wheel I cleaned in hot soapy Water. I think this is a very importand Thing to do because of giving this Motor a longer Lifetime.

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    Thanks for these informations.
    Interesting and Helpfull. Upon many running hours , Rotor copper tracks are not showing wear evidences, this is a good news !!!


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      Phil, this Picture I´ve made after treading with Sandpaper. There where much wear evidences on the Copper tracks.


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        Great job Thomas! I think that it is very beneficial to keep that fan blade (and the blower housing) really clean and free of dust. Some time ago I spent about an hour cleaning all the gunk out of the GS1200 fan blades and fan housing with cotton swabs and furniture polish , and noticed a definite increase in air flow afterwards. This can only be very beneficial in keeping the projectors electronics nice and cool. Cleaning the fan is a housekeeping job which is often neglected by many projector owners.

        Can you post the source and specification of the GS1200 fan motor brushes?


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          Hi Paul! I have only ordered the Brushes with the same Diameters like the old ones and without any Copper in them. The Springs of the new ones where to long and to strong, so I changed them to the old original ones. The new Brushes where to long, so I have to cut them down to the right Length.
          You can try it here.

          Thats where I have them bought but it is a german Shop.
          If your old Brushes are long enough you can use them again. Importand is that the Comutator is not worn deep out. Then you must clean the Surface with 600 Sandpaper.