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  • Laurel and Hardy: Musical Moments

    Just a quick heads up that this Walton Super 8 favourite is getting an outing on Talking Pictures TV in the UK at 7.40 am on Wednesday 17th November. Always nice to see them showing old releases from back in the day.

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    Thanks for the heads up, I have that on st 8 , always a great watch, one I never tire of.


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      How did the broadcast work/ look like. Was it from a Walton super 8 print with a 'W' of some sort at the start and end, and captions between each segment? Or was it a faked version using 16mm/35mm substitute footage edited to the same timing?


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        For some I think they have the 16mm or 35 mm edited Walton master materiel, goodness knows where from!


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          Martin, it was the genuine article, with the captions between each segment. It ended with the Walton logo (the globe one).

          Looking at the quality, I would say it was an 8mm print. It's not the first digest they've shown over the last couple of years but they aren't usually listed in the TV guides, so are difficult to spot when they are on. The weekly newsletter on their website is a good place to check for them.


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            After reading this topic I thought mmmmm I am sure I was given a print a million years ago, so after a extensive search through my junk, I came across the print I had never watched. After a good clean and lube I projected it through the GS1200. The print was in very good condition not a scratch anywhere and the sound was fine as well'

            My conclusion it was really good and fun to watch, print quality wise it looked fine, and projected well .
            Click image for larger version

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              Thanks Gary for the info on the transmission!


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                I think I saw it a previous time they showed this.